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Workspace: Three Plants that Give You Better Indoor Air
How to Grow Your Own Fresh Air - TED 2009 « GreenSpaces Blog

With only three varieties of plants, we can “grow our own fresh air” indoors, to keep us healthy. Areca Palm, Mother-in-law tongue, Money plant. Bueno!!!!
Ever heard about these plants: (a) Areca Palm, (b) Mother-in-Law's Tongue, or (c) Money Plant? The authors state that, "We have tried and tested these plants for 15 years at Paharpur Business Centre and Software Technology Incubator Park (PBC- STIP) in New Delhi, India. It is a 20 year old, 50,000 ft2 building, with over 1,200 plants for 300 building occupants. PBC- STIP is rated the healthiest building in Delhi by the Government of India.* Their study found that there is a 42% probability of increasing blood oxygen by 1% if one is inside the building for 10 hours."
DIY Grow Lights | Popular Science
DIY Grow Lights | Popular Science
How to keep a house plant alive
Keeping plants alive indoors can prove next to impossible to some, but it really isn't all that hard to do. Plants need ...
"Keeping plants alive indoors can prove next to impossible to some, but it really isn't all that hard to do. Plants need light, water, support, nutrients, and an adequate air supply."
Lifehacker - Turn Storage Containers into Self Watering Tomato Planters - Garden
If you'd like to have delicious home-grown tomatoes but lack a garden to grow them in, you'll definitely want to check out this ingenious and inexpensive self-watering system.
How to Grow Herbs Indoors : Easy? Maybe not. Rewarding? Hell yeah. - CHOW;stories
Easy? Maybe not. Rewarding? Hell yeah.
The Seattle Times: Home & Garden: It's not Idaho, but you still can grow potatoes
growing potatoes in a box
potato box. sounds awesome.
100 pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet
Lifehacker - Get Started Growing Indoor Herbs - Saving Money
Sprouts and microgreens: edible houseplants |
nly germinating them to the first leaf. That can be done in a windowsill, a porch or anywhere you can grab a little indirect sunlight.”
Five Hard-to-Kill Houseplants for Your Home or Workspace - Plants - Lifehacker
Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » made with love: found terrariums
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There are lots of tutorials for terrariums floating around these days, but this one the terrarium turned on it’s head. Inspired by a pickle jar terrarium concocted by the warymeyers team, there are no fancy glass domes to buy and no scouring your local nursery for plants small enough to fit under them. In fact, there’s no buying at all. Everything you need is most likely located within a walk around the block, no matter where you live.
Window Farmers — Blog — How To: Reservoir System Window Farm
Download the howto in a pdf. Window farm built from 1.5 liter bottles and pvc.
Make a moss terrarium in a wine bottle: moss-age in a bottle | Dr Vino's wine blog
Best Air-Filtering House Plants According to NASA! : TreeHugger
15 House Plants You Can Use As Air Purifiers
A NASA research document came to the conclusion that “house plants can purify and rejuvenate air within our houses and workplaces, safeguarding us all from any side effects connected with prevalent toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and also benzene.”
16 Most Fatal Killer Poisonous Plants | WebEcoist
Household: How to Extend the Life of Fresh Cut Flowers
Best Houseplants to Improve Indoor Air Quality « Pro's Who Know
We all remember learning in science class that plants “breathe” by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which is why forests are so important in maintaining the delicate balance of the earth’s atmosphere. But did you know that certain tropical houseplants can also remove and process other, more harmful, chemicals from the air inside your home?
5 Overlooked Plants That Can Survive The Dark (Almost) | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
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The most profitable plants in your vegetable garden
The most profitable plants in your vegetable garden
The most profitable plants in your vegetable garden
The most profitable plants in your vegetable garden
Green for Your Garden—and Your Wallet! | How to Get More Plants at No Cost | Photos | Gardening | This Old House,,20390485,00.html