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TripIt | Online travel itinerary and trip planner
100 Free Open Courses to Be Your Own Financial Planner - Learn-gasm

IKEA | Download planner
3-D of your bedroom, office, kitchen
This is a cool tool to spaceplan/lay out the interior of your home or building. Really really cool stuff.
Make your dream room a reality
Organize parties with your friends! - Atomeet
Organize parties with your friends! - Atomeet
Organize parties with your friends!
Atomeet is a free web service that helps you organize parties and events! Just fill in the form on the right to create your event homepage, then invite all of your friends!
inslead of sending out invites you can do it online
INPROMO Social Media Planner
Trip Little - The sky isn't falling, you're just planning a trip
TripLittle is aimed at both personal and business travelers alike, providing simple to use tools for all of your travel planning and organizational needs. Easily manage and share your plans with anyone. // Features Budget // Itinerary // Packing lists // Sharing options
用来计划一次旅行的好工具,从金钱,计划,到协作等。当然是要付费的! 目前这个网站感觉有些不稳定,大概是突然增加了很多用户吧。
Route Planner
The Viamente Route Planner is a web-based service that processes your list of locations and delivers optimized routes and schedules on-the-fly. It maximizes the efficiency of your transport resources while cutting down your planning time