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Good for my unit on the heavens
Flickr Photo Download: 50 Years of Space Exploration
Wow, what an amazing map, I wouldn't have expected that there had been as many missions as that!
NASA PlanetQuest Historic Timeline
Historic Timeline on our Quest for New Worlds (Interactive)
BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Galaxy has 'billions of Earths'
... resulting in 2000 civilizations in the galaxy, as plugged into the drake equation.
Recent work at Edinburgh University tried to quantify how many intelligent civilisations might be out there. The research suggested there could be thousands of them.
From the article: "But, based on the limited numbers of planets found so far, Dr Boss has estimated that each Sun-like star has on average one 'Earth-like' planet." Contrast with Nick Bostrom's take on life from other planets.
Simulación del sistema solar. Puedes poner a cualquier planeta como centro del sistema, y ver cómo son las órbitas de los demás vistas desde él
Planet WebQuest
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webquest for the solar system
This is a 3rd grade webquest. The students act as if they are astronauts on a mission to another planet in our solar system. They will join a crew to gather information about their destination.
3rd grade webquest
太陽系の惑星 音楽
Sistema solar musical
hermoso este sonido
8 Wonders of the Solar System, Made Interactive: Scientific American
Artist Ron Miller takes us on a journey to eight of the most breathtaking views that await explorers of our solar system. The scale of these natural wonders dwarfs anything Earth has to offer. What might we see and feel if we could travel to these distant domains? By interpreting data from probes such as NASA's Cassini, which is now exploring the Saturnian system, and MESSENGER, which goes into orbit around Mercury in March 2011, the artist's eye allows us an early visit to these unforgettable locales
What might future explorers of the solar system see? Find out by taking an interactive tour through the eyes of Hugo Award-winning artist Ron Miller. Text and narration by Ed Bell
Interactive tour - photos/video/audio