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The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

great manifesto for selling development projects and building an IT shop
Win without pitching
4 ways to get automatically rejected by an angel investor | VentureBeat
14 Tips on Pitching and Presenting Well
Venture Hacks — Why startup pitches fail
Why startup pitches fail
the stage of your business—for example, some businesses are just getting started with an idea, while others are printing money. Focus your pit
Pitches usually fail because they answer the wrong questions. The right questions depend on the stage of your business. post by Eric Ries, a founder of IMVU and an advisor to Kleiner Perkins.
Influential Marketing Blog: What All PR People Should Know About Journalists
There was a movie released several years ago where Mel Gibson played a character that was struck by lightning and all of a sudden was able to hear women's thoughts. His character was an ad agency executive (the unfortunate default...
Essential notes for dealing with journos.
Things PR folks should know about journalists