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24 ways: Charm Clients, Win Pitches
Over the years I have picked up a number of sales techniques that have lead to us doing pretty well in the pitches we go for. Of course, up until now, these top secret practices have remained firmly locked in the company vault but now I am going to share them with you. They are cunningly hidden within the following paragraphs so I’m afraid you’re going to have to read the whole thing. Ok, so where to start? I guess a good place would be getting invited to pitch for work in the first place.
What Every European Startup Should Know: 10 Keys to Presenting Your Startup in the US
Master of 500 Hats: How to Pitch a VC (aka Startup Viagra: How to Give a VC a Hard-On)
Great video & slides from Davie McClure's talk at 'Presentation Camp SF' -
HOW TO: Use Social Media in Your PR Pitch Plan
A dozen of the best start-up pitches on the Web |
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A VC’s Advice On How To Pitch VCs
14 Tips on Pitching and Presenting Well
How to Pitch to a VC or Angel - ReadWriteStart
A collection of high-level tips for startup investor pitches, including Guy Kawasaki's 10 slides / in 20 minutes / with 30pt font rule.
How to Pitch to a VC or Angel
Venture Hacks — Why startup pitches fail
Why startup pitches fail
the stage of your business—for example, some businesses are just getting started with an idea, while others are printing money. Focus your pit
Pitches usually fail because they answer the wrong questions. The right questions depend on the stage of your business. post by Eric Ries, a founder of IMVU and an advisor to Kleiner Perkins.