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BBC NEWS | Africa | SA pigeon 'faster than broadband'

"A Durban IT company pitted an 11-month-old bird armed with a 4GB memory stick against the ADSL service from the country's biggest web firm, Telkom." Winston the pigeon took two hours to carry the data 60 miles - in the same time the ADSL had sent 4% of the data.
Broadband promised to unite the world with super-fast data delivery - but in South Africa it seems the web is still no faster than a humble pigeon.
Reality of Internet accessibility in Africa. Maybe this is what we should use to disseminate our publications in ACP countries....
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Quando il piccione viaggiatore รจ meglio di una connessione dati veloce - Cats Bitter Disappointment After Sneaking Up On Pigeon.
De-nied. Oh, well, time for a nap.