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squawkfox » 6 Words That Make Your Resume Suck

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Hive Five: Five Best People-Search Engines
two hundred sit-ups
the two hundred sit-ups training program
Business & Financial Headlines and Advice | Personal Finance & Savings and Credit Card Debt Advice |
Another interesting blog. Mostly because it doesn't look like one! Really great use of categorization, images, and interactive elements (like polls).
Personal Branding 101: How to Discover and Create Your Brand
from Mashable
25 Awesome and Amazing Ubuntu Themes | Listfied
10 Essential Money Skills for a Bad Economy | Zen Habits
When it comes to money, the best defense is a good offense. The best way to avoid fallout from the national economy is to take control of your personal economy. By developing smart financial habits, you can remain calm even in the midst of a financial crisis. (Well, mostly calm, anyhow.)
Compare and discuss the %age budget breakdowns.
JD, writing at Zen Habits.
Seth's Blog: Personal branding in the age of Google
Google is a permanent record
"Google doesn't forget." Could be useful in further discussing (with kids) the implications of this...
Seth's Blog: Personal
A quick lesson on dirt laundry
Seth makes some great points about life in these modern times. Great to share with students, very concise.
"Google never forgets."/ "Everything you do now ends up in your permanent record. The best plan is to overload Google with a long tail of good stuff and to always act as if you're on Candid Camera, because you are."
people would be wise to recognize that there is no privacy in the online world - be aware that what you say and write in facebook or the like will be 'googlable' for years - operate accordingly - this is a version of big brother that george orwell didn't necessarily think of but certainly exists - in fact, there is no 'one big brother' - everyone can be big brother with google and the death of privacy due to social computing
Dating Guide: 40 Things You Can Learn About a Guy in 10 Minutes -- Yahoo! Personals
Make Small Talk - Wired How-To Wiki
The Psychology of Automation: Building a Bulletproof Personal-Finance System
An overview of how to set up your accounts to allow automation to help you manage your money better. Also contains scripts for negotiating with companies about financial matters, e.g. waiving late fees. » Posts » How to Start (or Start-over) Building Your Personal Brand
HOW TO: Build Your Personal Brand on Facebook
1. Know your audience -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Too many people are sharing information to the wrong audiences. Your manager doesn’t want to know if you just went to the bathroom and, although your parents would love to eavesdrop on your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you might not want to share those details. Since our lives are starting to converge more and more every day, you need to decide what audiences you want to connect with on Facebook. 2. Decide on your branding strategy 3. Set your privacy settings 4. Fill out your profile completely 5. Import contacts and grow your network 6. Update your status 7. Start a group or a page 8. Join or start an event in your area 9. Link out to your Facebook profile 10. Feed your social networks
How to Craft Your Personal Business Model - FreelanceSwitch - The Freelance Blog
Good article about a business plan, taking offers and for freelancers
7 deadly sins of networking, and how to avoid them - Manage Your Life on Shine
A Guide to Beating the Fears That Are Holding You Back | Zen Habits - Packing list generator
Packwhiz will generate a comprehensive custom list based on your destination, means of transportation, type of accommodation, etc. Just pull out a suitcase and start packing. Your to-do list will even include a reminder to take out the trash, so that you can go on and leave the house all confident that this time you did not forget a thing
Packing list generator
Generates packing lists!
5 Ways to Take Control of Your Personal Brand Today
About your personal brand.
Five easy and initial steps you can take to start building your brand today. These will help you control your online identity, protect your future, centralize your digital assets, safeguard your brand from threats and more.
With a bad economy, more pressure at work and overwhelming competition, investing in yourself and your future is crucial. There are a lot of new trends and tricks that you can take advantage of now. Below are five easy and initial steps you can take to start building your brand today. These will help you control your online identity, protect your future, centralize your digital assets, safeguard your brand from threats and more. Tell us how you’ve taken control of your personal brand in the comments below.
Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute ∞ Get Rich Slowly
Ten Ways to Stay On Top Of Your Work - Dumb Little Man
Dumb Little Man shares ideas to make the everyday person more productive in life. Expect to read tips on finance, saving money, business, and some DIY for the house.
HOW TO: Reorganize Finances Using the Web
Online resources to help manage money
Top 20 YouTube and Video Memes of All Time
Even before the rise of YouTube as a central hub for video, we’ve been obsessed as a culture with sharing funny and amazing videos with our friends. While most videos get a couple views and fade into the background, a select few not only gain tens of millions of views, but make a lasting impact on culture as well. These videos quickly become Internet memes that nobody can ever seem to stop talking about.
8 Toxic personalities to avoid - Manage Your Life on Shine
Facebook | Coming Soon: Facebook Usernames
using own name in url
Facebook | Coming Soon: Facebook Usernames
RT @michelletripp: It's official: Facebook vanity URLs announced. Set your alarm clocks. These babies will go fast! [from]
Facebook is adding usernames...finally! [from]
"From the beginning of Facebook, people have used their real names to share and connect with the people they know. This authenticity helps to create a trusted environment because you know the identity of the people and things on Facebook. The one place, though, where your identity wasn't reflected was in the Web address for your profile or the Facebook Pages you administer. The URL was just a randomly assigned number like "id=592952074." That soon will change. We're planning to offer Facebook usernames to make it easier for people to find and connect with you. When your friends, family members or co-workers visit your profile or Pages on Facebook, they will be able to enter your username as part of the URL in their browser. This way people will have an easy-to-remember way to find you. We expect to offer even more ways to use your Facebook username in the future."
Lifehacker - Top 10 Productivity Basics Explained - Productivity
5 top non-technical mistakes made by programmers at Making good software
your.flowingdata / Capture your life in data.
I don't quite understand this one yet and they don't have any samples or examples on the site, but eventually, I will get to try it out.
Use your.flowingdata to collect data about yourself and your surroundings with Twitter. Record what you eat, when you go to sleep, how much television you watch, or whatever else you want. What you track is completely up to you.
Erik A. Dewey
_your description goes here_
In a nutshell, it is a notebook filled with all of the information anyone could possibly need to know about you. The idea is that in our lives we have countless things that we are involved in. On rare occasions, other people need this information and no one knows how to get it. That's where the Big Book comes in. By filling this out and keep current, you can simply the effort others have to take on your behalf.
a free PDF or Excel spreadsheet to help collect all the bits of information you might need if you get amnesia or your family would need if you get hit by a bus
When Do You Use Twitter Versus Facebook?
also best buy not listening case #fail #customer experience
When to use Twitter versus vs Facebook
Twitter Vs Facebook - which is best?...
Soren Gordhamer is the author of Wisdom 2.0: Ancient Secrets for the Creative and Constantly Connected (HarperOne, 2009). His homepage is: You can follow him on Twitter.
CityMove - The best place to find a mover
100% free! Post your moving job and let movers compete for your business. You can delete your job or change details at any time.
Moving Companies Ratings, Movers, New York, NYC, Manhattan, National.
100 Ways To Live A Better Life
p your desk. Re-arrange furniture. Add some color to that space. Make the place where you work really enjoyable. So enjoyable that work there won’t be perceived as
Giz Explains: How to Actually Make Coffee - How to make coffee - Gizmodo
Giz Explains: How to Actually Make Coffee
Can't see us getting a coffee grinder in the workplace
How To Design Your Own Fail-Safe Exercise Program - Dumb Little Man
Dumb Little Man shares ideas to make the everyday person more productive in life. Expect to read tips on finance, saving money, business, and some DIY for the house.
You see, it’s not impossibly hard for you to design your own fail-safe exercise program. It might not be as personalized as working with a personal trainer, and it won’t be able to teach you the thousands of interesting progressions and variations that a top-dollar session will, but it sure as heck beats sitting on your butt or relying on boring cardio machines day-in and day-out.
Tweetvite :: Find & Create Tweetups and other Events on Twitter
Find and Create Events on Twitter ! Tweetvite makes it easy to create invitations for events you're hosting or to find local Tweetups in your area. Click below to try it out for yourself!
Tweetvite :: Find & Create Tweetups and other Events on Twitter -
Create a Tweetup, organize events on Twitter, find local Tweetups, promote your Tweetup, and much more.
10 SEO Tips For Maximizing Facebook Visibility
All of this has potentially massive repercussions for how marketers view Facebook chatter. By really digging deep into how Facebook is searching internal content, you’ll be tapping into the next level of the web’s development, uncovering a gold mine of data about what people are talking about, what they like and dislike, and how they are influencing the opinions of others. This is clearly an important search frontier.
Великие слова — цитаты, афоризмы, высказывания
Цитаты, афоризмы, высказывания
Trunk Club
Great Idea ! Notice the video for advertising
Top 8 Online Tools To Identify The Owner Of A Phone Number
The Pmarca Guide to Personal Productivity - pmarca Archive
"use the back of the 3x5 card as your Anti-Todo List. "
productivity tools: Let's start with a bang: don't keep a schedule.- "By not keeping a schedule, I mean: refuse to commit to meetings, appointments, or activities at any set time in any future day. As a result, you can always work on whatever is most important or most interesting, at any time." Each night before you go to bed, prepare a 3x5 index card with a short list of 3 to 5 things that you will do the next day. And then, the next day, do those things. ...Then, throughout the rest of the day, use the back of the 3x5 card as your Anti-Todo List. This isn't a real list. And the name is tongue firmly in cheek. What you do is this: every time you do something -- anything -- useful during the day, write it down in your Anti-Todo List on the card." This is obviously suited to the practices of the advanced learner.
The techniques that follow work together as an integrated set for me, but they probably won't for you. Maybe you'll get one or two ideas -- probably out of the ideas I stole from other people. If so, I have succeeded.
20-ways-to-waste-your-money.html: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
ck or two here and there may not seem like a big deal. But if you're frequenting ATMs outside your bank's network
Out of Energy? on Yahoo! Health
Productivity builder
The Simple, Ridiculously Useful Guide to Earning a Living from Your Passion
Life Check: What Are Your Life Patterns?
It's really good for me ,huh. It's really necessary to renew my life patterns again.
Google Now Personalizes Everyone’s Search Results
Beginning today, Google will now personalize the search results of anyone who uses its search engine, regardless of whether they’ve opted-in to a previously existing personalization feature. Searchers will have the ability to opt-out completely, and there are various protections designed to safeguard privacy. However, being opt-out rather than opt-in will likely raise some concerns. The company has an announcement here. Below, a deeper look. The short story is this. By watching what you click on in search results, Google can learn that you favor particular sites. For example, if you often search and click on links from Amazon that appear in Google’s results, over time, Google learns that you really like Amazon. In reaction, it gives Amazon a ranking boost. That means you start seeing more Amazon listings, perhaps for searches where Amazon wasn’t showing up before.
In particular, we now have two “flavors” of personalized search, or “Web History” as is the official Google name for it. There’s Signed-Out Web History and Signed-In Web History.
10-things-not-to-buy-in-2010: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Interesting, I wonder if these predictions will come true?
10 yrs. ago, most homes relied on dial-up connections to get to the web and iPods, cool flat-screen televisions and the Nintendo Wii didn't exist.
The Ultimate Personal Growth Guide: 100 Best Posts | Goodlife Zen
By Mary Jaksch Every moment we get a new opportunity to make new decisions and change how we live our life. Here is a selection of the best 100
20/20: Top 20 Programming Lessons I've Learned in 20 Years - DCS Media
'1. Set a duration of how long you think it should take to solve a problem; 2. A language is a language is a language; 3. Don't over-"design pattern" applications; 4. Always backup your code; 5. You are not the best at programming. Live with it; 6. Learn to learn more; 7. Change is constant; 8. Support Junior; 9. Simplify the algorithm; 10. Document your code; 11. Test, Test, Test; 12. Celebrate every success; 13. Have Code Reviews Frequently; 14. Reminisce about your code; 15. Humor is necessary; 16. Beware the know-it-all, possessive coder, and the inexperienced coder; 17. No project is ever simple; 18. Never take anything for granted; 19. Software is never finished; 20. Patience is definitely a virtue'
Une vingtaine de conseils d'un routard avec 20 ans d'expérience au sujet de la programmation.
Sex Tips to Turn Her On: Men's Health
Most bedroom problems boil down to this: Men are microwaves and women are slow cookers. With men, all you have to do is push a few buttons and we're hotter than a habanero. But with women, it's an all-day process. You have to buy the ingredients, mix them together, and then put everything in the pot and let it simmer . . . and simmer . . . and simmer. That's why we're offering a microwave mentality for the Crock-Pot reality: quick, easy things you can do to make her heating speeds better match yours. Our suggestions take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. The payoff? They'll quickly adjust her thermostat to high heat.
IPhone Apps to Bring Some Order to Your Life -
Beitrag aus der NYT über iPhone-Apps
Simple Till Six Weight Loss Diet: An Eating Plan for Busy People | Lose the Weight | Reader's Digest
Everything pointed to a simpler style of eating. I started following a diet that was nearly "vegan until six." Until dinner, I ate almost no animal products and no simple carbs (no white-flour products, junk food, or sugar-heavy snacks). At dinner, I ate as I always had, sometimes a sizable meal including animal products, bread, dessert, wine -- you name it -- or sometimes a salad and a bowl of soup. I also took several long walks each week (my bad knees couldn't handle more).
The anti-girth, pro-Earth eating plan for busy, real people.
Mark Bittman How to cook everything vegetarian NYT food writer the minimalist against meat
Personal Data Mining | Creativity Online
Nice piece on the growing trend of data design or data visualization.
Do A Total Background Check On Yourself - The Consumerist
List of multiple agencies that have information about you
Very off topic: Why I won't be at my high school reunion : Good Math, Bad Math
Now it's twenty five years since I got out of that miserable fucking hell-hole. And people from my high school class are suddenly getting in touch, sending me email, trying to friend me on Facebook, and trying to convince me to bring my family to the reunion. (It's a picnic reunion, full family invited.) Even some of the people who used to beat the crap out of me on a regular basis are getting in touch as if we're old friends. My reaction to them... What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why would you think that I would want to have anything to do with you? How do you have the chutzpah to act as if we're old friends? How dare you? I see the RSVP list that one of you sent me, and I literally feel nauseous just remembering your names.
Very off topic: Why I won't be at my high school reunion
Weight loss programme
A Dermatologist's Skin-Care Picks - Yahoo! Shopping
skin care
Don’t let cooler temperatures take a toll on your face and body. Winterize your routine with tips from this top dermatologist
A Dermatologist's Skin-Care Picks - Yahoo! Shopping
Personal fitness that revolves around you - FitOrbit
Lifehacker - PocketSmith Forecasts Your Financial Future - Personal Finance
bulk email addresses
Five Best Personal Landing Pages - Personal Landing Page - Lifehacker
How to Come up With Good Conversation Topics - wikiHow
Even if you know how to start a conversation and make it a good one, there's still the issue of choosing what you're going to talk about. Some topics are inappropriate in some situations, and some are just plain boring. Here are some topics to keep the conversation alive while keeping your foot out of your mouth.
Lifehacker - Google Profiles Give You Control Over What Google Says About You - Google Profiles
How to Give a Back Massage - wikiHow
A good back massage can relieve pain, anxiety, and stress, as well as increase physical intimacy, if desired. The following techniques will help you learn how to give a good back massage. Finding a volunteer to practice on shouldn't be too hard!
wikiHow article about How to Give a Back Massage.
17 Amazing/Beautiful Examples Of Origami Art