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Periodic Table of Typefaces
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Periodic Table of the Operators
Being a comprehensive and complete enumeration of the Operatic Elements of the Perl 6 Language, assembled and drawn with dedication and diligence by M. Lentczner as a service to both the Community and the Republic. May this simple presentation with various illustrative devices increase Knowledge & Understanding amongst practitioners in the art of Software. Third Edition, February 14th, Two Thousand Nine
Perl 6 operators
Perl 6 Language Operatic Elements
eChalk: periodic table tetris game
This game may be of interest to science teachers who need students to memorize the Periodic Table.
Web 2.0 version of Tetris Periodic Table
science chemistry periodic game periodic table tetris
Tetris-style Periodic table game.
Guide falling elements into the correct place in the periodic table.
Pedagogic periodic table
Shows real life uses of all the elements in the periodic table
what elements are used for
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The Periodic Table of Typefaces - instant fundas
The Periodic Table of Typefaces is obviously in the style of all the thousands of over-sized Periodic Table of Elements posters hanging in schools and homes around the world. This particular table lists 100 of the most popular, influential and notorious typefaces today.