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defmacro - Taming Perfectionism

STV for wabi-sabi + "Wabi-sabi is a set of philosophical principles that relate Buddhist concepts that can be observed in meditation to all aspects of design. For the first time it occurred to me that Dukkha (the fundamental lack of satisfaction with anything in the physical realm), Anicca (impermanence, lack of any "timeless" principle), and Anatta (lack of "self", or the idea that any object can be complete in and of itself and exist separately from the subject) apply to all things we create."
Excellent article referencing Buddhist principals that may be very helpful to me...
Hypercritical - Ars Technica
Good article on being hypercritical.
Knowing what's wrong is a prerequisite for fixing it. That may sound trite, but...
As far back as I can remember, I was told I would grow up to be an artist. By age six, my obsessively detailed renderings of Mechagodzilla, et al. were already drawing attention from adults. By the time I was eight years old, my parents had been persuaded by teachers and friends to enroll me in private art lessons. I recall the informal "admissions test" with my first art instructor. A scale model of a bull was placed in front of me on a table and I was asked to draw it. The plastic bull was a faithful reproduction, full of muscles and knobby joints. It was an ugly, forlorn thing, far removed from my normal subject matter. After a few minutes, the resulting drawing was roughly in proportion, the details were well represented, and the perspective was pretty close. I was in. Thus began eight years of regular art instruction. I progressed from pencils and pastels to watercolors and acrylics, and finally to oils. The content was mostly classical: lots of still lifes and landscapes. Meanw
Interesting piece, via S.teave
John Siracusa on the role criticism plays in design.