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An Unofficial User's Guide to Gmail - Features by PC Magazine,2817,2346121,00.asp

Think you know everything there is to know about the popular Web-based e-mail application from Google? Think again.
Here's an article about GMail that was in PC Magazine
Five years in beta mode hasn't prevented Google's Web-based Gmail from flourishing. In fact, it's one of the few e-mail products continuing to innovate in any way these days. Desktop clients like Outlook and Thunderbird haven't changed much in years; Hotmail gets a new name every few months, but that's about it. Gmail, via experiments from the Gmail Labs team, is constantly adding new features. Plus, Gmail is simple to use. At least on the surface. However, much of Gmail's power goes untapped. So we've put together this guide to highlight the features you may have missed—ones that separate Gmail from the pack.
Much of Gmail's power goes untapped. This guide highlights the features you may have missed: conversations, offline access, themes, filters, search operators, address aliases, executable attachments, storage space, notifications, multiple accounts, keyboard shortcuts, interface, safety features, undo send, Greasemonkey scripts, extensions, mobility, desktop access, importing data, exporting and backup, apps.
The Top 100 Web Sites of 2009 - Reviews by PC Magazine,2817,2350553,00.asp
Best sites of 2009!
The Ultimate Twitter Toolkit - Reviews by PC Magazine,2817,2347185,00.asp
The Twitter Tool Kit
Want to be a Twitter ninja? Hordes of new users are joining and dreaming up new uses for it. As they do so, Twitter is maturing into a viable alternative not just to blog platforms but to RSS readers, news aggregators, media-sharing services, and communication tools. All you have to do to unleash the full power of Twitter is follow the right users and have the right tools handy. A whole ecosystem of companies and apps has sprung up around the Twitter API, and while some of them are utterly stupid, others are incredibly useful and help you get more out of the microblogging service. These tools include desktop and mobile clients, analytics providers, and services that let you share photos and music.