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semantic art - ruby - Using default_scope to recreate acts_as_paranoid in ActiveRecord 2.3

def self.find_with_destroyed *args self.with_exclusive_scope { find(*args) } end
Rails 2.3 gives us “default_scope” which was described by Ryan Daigle as allowing you to “specify default ordering, and other scopes, in edge rails directly in your ActiveRecord model.” Ryan’s post gives some good examples of when you might want to use this (specifically on models where you always want them sorted in a specific manner). In the comments of that post, Ryan Bates suggests that this might be useful for “simulating destroying a model (like acts_as_paranoid).” Indeed this is possible and the idea of using scoping to create this is both present in acts_as_paranoid itself and also has been brought up before. In this article I’m going to reinvent the wheel using default_scope to illustrate how powerful default_scope is and how trivial it makes this task. You can keep track of the finished product in my is_paranoid gem.