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Augmented Reality with FLARToolKit « Papervision3D
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Flash based Visualisation of Papervision3d. It's easy to create with this tool 3d scenes like in 3dsmax
FLARVision: Augmented Reality and Papervision | InsideRIA
interessant voor master thesis
The Economist: Thinking Space
Verschiedene Künstler zeigen ihren Arbeitsplatz
Super cool micro-site done in PV3D
The Economist: Thinking Space
@TheEconomist Enjoy Thinking Space. Visualize innovation's physicality.
Discovering Papervision3D: Best Design Practices and Tutorials | Design Showcase, Tutorials | Smashing Magazine
Red Bull Soapbox Racer
れべるたけぇー。 | Showcasing the best Papervision 3D projects from across the web
| Showcasing the best Papervision 3D sites and projects
Seven | 七 | Sept | семь | Sieben | Sette | Siete | 칠 | Sju | سَبْعَةٌ | Yedi | Saat | ๗
jeu ressemblant à mario
Use The Profiler to visualize what's behind your profile picture, and discover what goes on in your friends' heads.
Nice use of the papervision.
Official website of WonderWall/Masamichi Katayama
via jayjaypowpow - ridiculous flash sites, the likes of which I've not seen in awhile. neat!
לא ברור אבל ממש מגניב
Big Warm-up : Lands' End