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PhilPapers: Online research in philosophy

Huge repository of papers in academic philosophy
PhilPapers is a comprehensive directory of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers. We monitor journals in many areas of philosophy, as well as archives and personal pages. We also accept articles directly from users, who can provide links or upload copies. Some features require that you sign in first, but creating an account is easy and free.
An index of current research in philosophy. Also offers forums, discussion groups, and advanced bibliographic tools for philosophers.
10 Papers Every Programmer Should Read (At Least Twice)
Game/AI: AAAI Library online
Dobbs Code Talk - 10 Papers Every Software Architect Should Read (At Least Twice)
10 articoli che ogni architetto software e/o sviluppatore DEVE leggere
Papers on Programming
Academic Hacker News
10 papers you need to read | Science for SEO
This is a list of my top 10 freely available papers on the topic of information retrieval. You will notice that they are rather old, but the techniques used described and the findings are not always dated. Those that dated are important nonetheless because they provide a good foundation to understanding why things are as they are in information retrieval these days.
distributed systems primer :: snax
I've been reading a bunch of papers about distributed systems recently, in order to help systematize for myself the thing that we built over the last year. Many of them were originally passed to me by Toby DiPasquale. Here is an annotated list so everyone can benefit. It helps if you have some algorithms literacy, or have built a system at scale, but don't let that stop you.
cs252r Record
Advanced Functional Programming - Fall 2006
These pages are a record of the in-class discussions for the graduate class "Advanced Functional Programming" given at Harvard University in the Fall of 2006.
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We write papers and have talks mainly to impress others, gain respect, and get promoted.
How to write a research paper
Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research, Cambridge
Papers in Computer Science
Discussion of computer science publications. Embedded image coding using zerotrees of wavelet coefficients Posted by dcoetzee on July 8, 2009
historic documents in computer science and engineering
Historia de la programaci├│n, lenguajes y manuales originales en pdf.
assertTrue( ): NoSQL Required Reading
Starting from Dynamo, ending with (roughly) follow @nosqlupdate on Twitter.
Materials that you need to read in order to get started with NoSQL
List of resources to read to get up-to-speed on the NoSQL movement.
Ask Proggit: Recommender a compsci paper for me to read this weekend : programming
I've tried to span as many subjects as possible to have a little something for everyone while limiting myself to foundational papers that have had a lasting impact on the field and are also highly readable. Some of the people (Chomsky, Shannon, Metropolis, Ulam) represented here might not consider themselves computer scientists but the papers I've included have been so important that they cannot be left out. I admit a few papers may seem like idiosyncratic picks due to my particular interest in certain areas like computer graphics and computational dynamics. There are several important papers I couldn't include due to an absence of freely available copies, e.g. Rissanen's Generalized Kraft Inequality and Arithmetic Coding.
I am looking for something clever or thought provoking that doesn't depend on too much background knowledge, and is easy to read without too much formalism/maths.
Recommender a compsci paper for me to read this weekend
Papers on PageRank you should read | Science for SEO
PageRank is a standard and much discussed topic in SEO and while it is relevant, the methods and techniques discussed are often not. There is a lot of
SEO optimization articles
CS264: Peer-to-Peer Systems
Readings in Database Systems Web Supplement
This book is one of the fundamental database theory books available today. A list of the papers featured in the book, as well as various lecture notes, are listed. Need to track down some of these papers.
CS242: Course Readings