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The subtleties in outsourcing using RentACoder - Cube Of M

Using RentACoder
The Price of my Dreams - $60 a Week —
Interesting use of outsourcing from 4 Hour Workweek to free up more time
hiring someone to cook for you. craiglist. includes his original ad.
2008.08.04 Sid Savara Food
The Results So Far I’ve been doing this experiment for 3 weeks now, and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. I literally never have to go out shopping anymore, and I hardly even need to use dishes as she prepares everything so I can eat it directly out of Tupperware (which I can place in the dishwasher). Best of all - I now have over 10 hours a week that I didn’t have before. I bet it doesn’t take her more than an extra hour or two a week worth of effort, since she’s cooking meals for her family anyway - and I don’t care if it takes her only 10 minutes a week. The extra time I have is worth it. She asks for my input, but I for the most part ask her to make any healthy food she wants (high in fiber and protein, lots of fresh vegetables/fruits, lean meats etc etc). It is the first time in years I’ve had fruits and vegetables fresh from the farmers market. I’m eating better than ever, and cheaper than if I was going out to restaurants.
Can Virtual Assistants Make You More Productive? An Experiment, and a TimeSvr Review —
Why get one virtual assistant when you can get a team?
Virtual assistant team: I think the biggest benefits of TimeSvr versus a single assistant are 1) the quick turnaround, 2) the multiple aides working on multiple tasks at a time and 3) 24/7 access. Also, for TimeSvr specifically, the dashboard is awesome – having insight into what tasks are being done is great for people like me who have to know exactly what is going on all the time. The quality of work done, generally speaking, was better than my single virtual assistant. Will the quality hold up as the service scales? Time will tell. I was wrong about one thing: I thought this would be a more expensive option, but it turns out, depending on your needs, TimeSvr can be cheaper than a part time assistant, since it’s less than $15 a week.
“In this article, I discuss my experiences with a virtual assistant. I also review TimeSvr, a new service offering a a team of virtual assistants, and compare my single virtual assistant versus TimeSvr’s task based processing.”
heh; I didn't know there existed such a thing