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What Happens When Your Local Paper Goes Online-Only? It Loses Most of Its Staff | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD

Mark Josephson, the CEO of local news platform, figures the local, online-only newspaper of tomorrow, for a decent-sized city, will have a staff of 20 people. That’s 20 people, period. Perhaps six of them will be “news gatherers.”
P&L put together by Mark Josephson (CEO explaining how future newspapers will survive by using services like " for publishers"
Interesting piece on the business of local news sites, and how you should be doing them now. Interesting.
The pitch: wants to help local news sites by supplying them with a river of extra content created by local bloggers, Twitterers and lots of people who don’t even think of themselves as content creators, like people who post real estate listings. The local site is supposed to aggregate and filter the stuff and sell ads on it. The people supplying the content get more exposure via links from the bigger site.