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Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog : Cool Trick: Making Miniature Calendars

make mini-outlook calendars to drop in OOF messages for extra-long vacations
Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Outlook Boosters
Includes Troy's Outlook Attachment Reminder, a VBScript that checks messages for the word "attach" and its variations and then looks for a certain number of attachments. No attachments present? A little pop-up asks if you're sure you didn't forget something. Small, helpful, and great at keeping your e-name in good standing. | GO Contact Sync - synchronize your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail
synchronize your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail
Outlook’s broken—Let’s fix it
Outlook’s broken—Let’s fix it
Campaign to convince Microsoft to make Outlook's next version not be a giant step backwards.
Gathering Twitter posts and user icons as a form of petition.
"Join [thousands of] others asking Microsoft to improve standards support and make sure you include in your tweet. We’ll pull together every tweet that includes the link here to give Microsoft a unified message from the community."
Complete Guide to Making Outlook Faster (Than Molasses) - Outlook - Lifehacker
Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog : Mail Merge: How to send a personalized e-mail to many people at once
Use Categories for mail merges
Mail Merge: How to send a personalized e-mail to many people at once
How to send a personalized e-mail to many people at once
Official Google Enterprise Blog: Use Microsoft Outlook with Google Apps for email, contacts, and calendar
Outlook: How Microsoft Adapts Getting Things Done for Outlook
Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog : Triaging Mail with Categories and Search Folders
In this post I will talk about one way you can triage mail using categories and Search Folders. Keep in mind that no single e-mail management method is ideal for all work styles; this is just one method of many and if you’re looking for a change you might want to give this a try and see if it works for you. If you haven’t already, I suggest you install the February Cumulative Update for Outlook 2007, as it has performance updates for Search Folders. This triaging technique is aimed at quickly working through a long list of e-mail and deciding which e-mails need your attention now, and which ones can wait until later. By the end of this post you’ll know how to triage each new e-mail with a couple quick clicks and you will have easy access to the messages that need your attention throughout the day.
An organized mailbox is critical to getting work done, especially if most of your day involves working with Outlook. However, spending more time organizing your mailbox means there’s less time to spend on real work – thus it’s important to find a system
Ubergeek: Add a Gmail-Like Archive Button to Microsoft Outlook
Gmail has popularized archive as an easy way to keep your inbox clean without trashing email, but if you're using Outlook, archive isn't really an option—by default, at least. Here's how to add archive to Outlook.
Lifehacker - GO Contact Sync Keeps Google and Outlook Contacts Matched - Outlook
Interesting Tool for sync outlook with Google Contacts
GO Contact Sync Keeps Google and Outlook Contacts Matched By Kevin Purdy, 5:30 AM on Wed Apr 1 2009, 29,963 views (Edit, to draft, Slurp) Copy this whole post to another siteSlurp cancel select site advertising consumerist deadspin defamer fleshbot gay fleshbot gawker gizmodo idolator io9 jalopnik jezebel kotaku lifehacker valleywag artists gawkershop sploid Windows only: GO Contact Sync is a handy little synchronizer that keeps your Google (G) and Outlook (O) contacts in line. You run it once or schedule it, and customize how it handles your data. If all you want is a little tray app that does two-way syncing every time you run it, or auto-starts and syncs every X minutes, GO Contact Sync has you covered. But the tiny tray app also allows you to create different "sync profiles," where you can customize whether the sync goes just Google to Outlook, only Outlook to Google, and how it handles possible merges between your names and addresses. There's also a toggle box to recognize
Sync Outlook & Google Contacts
Outlook 2007: Use Google Reader from Within Outlook
Helpful hints from Lifehacker...
Use Google Reader from Within Outlook: #rss #reader #google #outlook [from]
Reader David writes in with a useful tip for consolidating windows—he embeds Google Reader into Outlook as a replacement for the built-in RSS support.
How to Make Gmail Play Nicely With Your Desktop Email Client
ToneCheck: Don't send the wrong message.