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Vergleich verschiedener JPAs
In looking at your code, none of your queries actually return an objects. They are all count queries, returning a single number. Hardly a typical usage of object-relational mappings, makes the comparison not very useful.
JPA implementation patterns: Wrap-up | Xebia Blog
After discovering that there was a lack of documentation on how to use JPA in real-life scenario's, the author has written a series of blog posts about the JPA implementation patterns he discovered while writing JPA code
After discovering that there was a lack of documentation on how to use JPA in real-life scenario's, I have written a series of blogs about the JPA implementation patterns I discovered while writing JPA code. To wrap up the series, I have made an overview of all the patterns that have been discussed for easy reference.
Alex Miller - Hibernate query cache considered harmful?
Alex Miller's technical blog on Java, concurrency, programming, design, languages, and more
Hibernate et la gestion du cache
NoSQL with MySQL in Ruby - Friendly
NHibernate Unit Testing
How to unit test NHibernate code using an in memory SQL Lite database.
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Unit Testing NHibernate from Ayende
has_many :bugs, :through => :rails: Active Record Query Interface 3.0
In short, passing options hash containing :conditions, :include, :joins, :limit, :offset, :order, :select, :readonly, :group, :having, :from, :lock to any of the ActiveRecord provided class methods, is now deprecated.
JSINQ - LINQ to Objects for JavaScript - Home
There are side-benefits to immersing yourself in MS-land. Like finding really solid data manipulation libraries written in javascript.
JSINQ is a complete implementation of LINQ to Objects for JavaScript. It allows you to write SQL-like queries against arrays, DOM node lists or your own custom enumerable types.
JSINQ is the JavaScript library that allows you to write SQL-like queries against arrays and DOM node lists. JSINQ is a complete implementation of LINQ to Objects in JavaScript. What that means is that if you know LINQ and you know JavaScript, you know JSINQ. JSINQ is both an API-compatible implementation of System.Linq.Enumerable and a complete query-expression compiler. That's right: you can write LINQ-style queries in JavaScript. And if that isn't enough: JSINQ is also very liberally licensed, well-document, reasonably well-tested (the Enumerable-part) and currently in beta. So give it a go!
Enterprise Java Community: Remote Lazy Loading in Hibernate
Drop-dead simple Django caching - Die in a Fire - Eric Florenzano’s Blog
Caching is easy to screw up. Usually it's a manual process which is error-prone and tedious. It's actually quite easy to cache, but knowing when to invalidate which caches becomes a lot harder. There is a subset of caching the caching problem that, with Django, can be done quite easily. The underlying idea is that every Django model has a primary key, which makes for an excellent key to a cache. Using this basic idea, we can cover a fairly large use case for caching, automatically, in a much more deterministic way. Let's begin.
some sample caching code
Hibernate Performance Tuning | Javalobby
t Level Cache (aka Transaction layer level cache)
performance tuning tips for hibernate.Best article
Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4 - ScottGu's Blog