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While it's easy to add social features to your site with Google Friend Connect, you may have been wondering where to put all of the great gadgets. You need your users to sign in, to interact with your site, and to find those like-minded strangers... but pixels are precious, and you're not sure how to make more space alongside the wonderful content that brought people to your site in the first place.
Social Web Q&A with Google’s Kevin Marks
I call this the “social cloud,” meaning that “social” will be integrated with the web so that you don’t think about it anymore. Charlene Li calls this same idea “social networks become like air.” The web itself is like this — following links seems like second nature to us because we know a URL can take us anywhere. -- (on OpenSocial and other things)
In this Q&A-style post, Kevin delves into the standards that make up the emerging open social stack (OpenID, OAuth, Portable Contacts, and OpenSocial), looking at the infrastructure problems they address, and exploring some of the live implementations, including Plaxo and Google Friend Connect.
Facebook in 2010: no longer a walled garden - O'Reilly Radar
A lot of what I've been working on the past two years has been built on the assumption that the model that social networks use today will fundamentally change. Social networks have largely been built on the premise of being walled gardens in such a way that users can't communicate or share content or friends across networks; put simply this is what keeps a Facebook user from being able to send a message to a MySpace user.
mixi Developer Center
まずは、mixiアプリを使ってみよう、作ってみよう(1/3) ─ @IT
Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - REST API Design: Invent Media Types, Not Protocols and Understand the Importance of Hyperlinks
The key thing to remember is that REST is about building software that scales to usage on the World Wide Web by being a good participant of the Web ecosystem. Ideally a RESTful API should be designed to be implementable by thousands of websites and consumed by hundreds of applications running on dozens of platforms with zero coupling between the client applications and the Web services. A great example of this is RSS/Atom feeds which happen to be one of the world's most successful RESTful API stories.
ウノウラボ Unoh Labs: OpenSocialを始めよう!第1回
Social Web Blog: Take your Google Contacts with you
use of Portable contacts api for google
In case you missed the announcement a while back, Google Contacts now available through Portable Contacts standard