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Perlでアニメ顔を検出&解析するImager::AnimeFace - デー

ctypes-opencv - Google Code
ctypes-opencv is a package that brings Willow Garage's (formerly Intel's) Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) to Python. OpenCV is a collection of algorithms and sample code for various computer vision problems. The goal of ctypes-opencv is to provide Python access to all documented functionality of OpenCV.
Beetlebug Software - Blog
Picture Me was a fun little side project to experiment using face detection on the iPhone.  I have a few ideas on where to take this but I don’t have time to work them now.  So for now, it’s free.  And as an added bonus I’m releasing the source code for it in the hope that it will be useful to the iPhone developer community.
For the "when I get asked to do that in a month" file.
Source for an iphone face detection app.