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How to Pick a Language

Interesting article about how to pick a language
computer programming langugage
why's potion at master — GitHub
(Yet another) new programming language, aiming to be clean and explore ideas related to mixins. JIT-based (for x86, x86_64), should integrate well with C. Based on Lua VM.
Potion is an object- and mixin-oriented (traits) language.
Programming language by _why, very cool stuff.
Potion is an object- and mixin-oriented (traits) language.
"a little fast language"
Potion is an object- and mixin-oriented (traits) language. By why?
so that's what why_ has been up to. writing a new language.
Interesting Resources to learn Object Oriented Design
Most people are not aware of the fact that Perl has support for object-oriented programming. If you've used another object-oriented programming language such as Java or C++ or been exposed to object-orientation, t
This is a small list with some basic references about Object Oriented Design process and it includes an UML guide, some articles about how to write OO javascript, PHP and Perl code. I also included some video tutorials about an useful introduction to OO PHP. If you have some interest link to suggest about this topic, please leave a comment, thanks!
Coding Horror: The Ferengi Programmer
Need to gather the linked PDFs sometime
Build seven good object-oriented habits in PHP
With PHP's object-oriented (OO) language features, if you aren't already creating your applications with OO principles in mind, these seven habits will help you get started in the transition between procedural programming and OO programming.
Object-oriented sheep, running around in Ruby Shoes []
building the game step by st
Home - oocss - GitHub
How do you scale CSS for millions of visitors or thousands of pages? Nicole first presented Object Oriented CSS at Web Directions North in Denver. Since then, the response has been overwhelming. OOCSS allows you to write fast, maintainable, standards-based front end code. It adds much needed predictability to CSS so that even beginners can participate in writing beautiful websites.
Object Oriented CSS Framework
Object Oriented CSS Framework Two main principles Separate structure and skin Separate container and content
Ajaxian » Nicole Sullivan’s Object Oriented CSS
Object Oriented CSS
I need to read this. "It adds much needed predictability to CSS so that even beginners can participate in writing beautiful websites."
Stubbornella » Blog Archive » Object Oriented CSS, Grids on Github
How do you scale CSS for millions of visitors or thousands of pages? Object Oriented CSS allows you to write fast, maintainable, standards-based front end code. It adds much needed predictability to CSS so that even beginners can participate in writing beautiful websites.
Nocturn vision » Blog Archive » Design principles
The DCI Architecture: A New Vision of Object-Oriented Programming
Object-oriented programming was supposed to unify the perspectives of the programmer and the end user in computer code: a boon both to usability and program comprehension. While objects capture structure well, they fail to capture system action. DCI is a vision to capture the end user cognitive model of roles and interactions between them.
オブジェクトっぽい話が分かるかもしれないJavaScript講座 その1 | Takazudo Clipping*
First Look: Object Oriented CSS
OOCSS isn’t really a framework … but a way of writing scalable, sane, maintainable CSS,” writes Sullivan. Sullivan uses and recommends a grid framework like Yahoo!’s YUI Grids, but you’re free to write your layout styles from scratch using OOCSS principles if that’s your thing. But OOCSS applies equally to the work you do after you have implemented your site’s layout, as you design the blocks and content that slot into your layout. Most web designers tend to write CSS code so that it requires as little extra markup (whether <div> or <span> tags or class attributes) as possible. Fundamentally, adopting OOCSS is making a mental shift towards easy maintenance and reuse of your styles, even if it means writing extra HTML markup.
In October, I’ll speak at Web Directions South 2009 in Sydney about CSS Frameworks. One of the main questions I will answer in my talk is whether or not you should use a CSS Framework in any given project. Since the alternative is writing your own CSS styles from scratch, I’m researching some of the latest thinking on hand-coded CSS.
SitePoint Blogs: News, opinion, and fresh thinking for web developers and designers
Sitepoint article on object oriented CSS.
Object Oriented CSS
Une idée quin'est peut être pas si bonne que ça, si on suit les commentaires. Mais comment cordonner les classes d'une css ?
Stubbornella » Blog Archive » Object Oriented CSS video on YDN
Home - Anti-If Campaign
JavaScript, 5 ways to call a function - Sergio Pereira
An awesome article by Sergio Pereira - that talks about functions and scope in javascript
10 Super PHP codes to handle HTML (for Web Developers) | TutorialFeed
Today I would like to share some interesting PHP codes to handle HTML dynamically. These codes are free to use under GNU General Public License. I hope this post would help Web Developers. Here's the following:
Automatic generation of HTML for table. - Colspan, rowspan, table style, column style, cell style, and data style may all be defined. - OO interface - Simple but effective
Go Ahead: Next Generation Java Programming Style | Code Monkeyism
Relevance Blog : Rifle-Oriented Programming with Clojure
An article describing the basic syntax of clojure
In this article, you will see some of the ways that Clojure addresses the key concerns of OO: encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.
Object-Oriented programming with JavaScript. OO Concept in JavaScript -
Object-Oriented CSS: What, How, and Why - Nettuts+
Object-oriented CSS, at its core, is simply writing cleaner, DRYer CSS. It's not a different language: still the same old CSS we all know and love. It's just a paradigm shift. Really, object-oriented CSS is a few simple patterns and best practices.
It sounds like an oxymoron, or at least an impossibility, doesn't it? How can a static language that's really more like markup than programming be
Objektorientiertes CSS in Verbindung mit HTML5. Das interessante an diesem Artikel ist das recht gute Beispiel eines HTML5 Dokument Aufbaus.
xCSS - OO CSS Framework
xCSS, un nuevo framework CSS orientado a objetos.
First CSS framework that allows you to work object-oriented and keeps your workflow as “DRY” as possible
xCSS extends CSS and gives you the ability to cut down the development time by having a better overview, using variables, re-using your models and many other features.
Why a CSS framework? xCSS bases on CSS and empowers a straightforward and object-oriented workflow when developing complex style cascades. Using xCSS means a dramatic cut down to your development time by: having a intuitive overview of the overall CSS structure, using variables, re-using existing style cascades and many other handy features. But, most frameworks are bulky and inflexible, aren't they? Not xCSS! It's lightweight and seamlessly integrates into any existing workflow. Aside from that the CSS overhead is getting reduced while your (X)HTML attributes remain semantic.
Life is beautiful: Ruby on Railsの「えせMVC」の弊害
ooc is a modern, object-oriented, functional-ish, high-level, low-level, sexy programming language. it's translated to pure C with a source-to-source compiler.
KAI.JAEGER.BLOG : JavaScript for people who are in a hurry
Sniff Out That Smelly Code
functions are difficult to change, and difficult to understand.
Ruby Best Practices - The Complete Class
# nversion to a printable string # equivalence # hash code calculation # comparability # cloning (clone and dup) # freezing # customized
write a class in Ruby - best practiceses
common class elements and implementation
There are some basic concepts (often called “aspects”) that need to be implemented for many classes although not all classes need all (or even any) of them: * initialization * conversion to a printable string * equivalence * hash code calculation * comparability * cloning (clone and dup) * freezing * customized persistence (Marshal and Yaml) * matching * math and operator overloading
The Basics of Object-Oriented JavaScript - Nettuts+
Over recent years, JavaScript has increasingly gained popularity, partly due to libraries that are developed to make JavaScript apps/effects easier to create for those who may not have fully grasped the core language yet. While in the past it was a common argument that JavaScript was a basic language and was very 'slap dash' with no real foundation; this is no longer the case, especially with the introduction of high scale web applications and 'adaptations' such as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).
JavaScriptのオブジェクトについて考察してみた - あと味
オブジェクト クラス
Good resource on javascript
Strive for low coupling and high cohesion What does that even mean
"A standard bit of advice for people who are learning to design their code better, who want to write software with intention as opposed to coincidence, often parroted by the advisor with no attempt to explain the meaning."
Getting Started with OOP & PHP5 | Carsonified
$row = mysql_fetch_array($results); $this->user_id = $user_id; $this->first_name = $row['first_name'];
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How to Create an Object-Oriented Blog Using PHP - NETTUTS
From Podcast 38 - Joel on Software
On Excessive Unit Testing and excessive design
From Podcast 38 - Joel on Software Wanted: Business Analyst (Agile) at redbox (Oakbrook Terrace, IL). See this and other great job listings on the jobs page. Here’s a brief conversation between Jeff and I which I transcribed from... はてなブックマーク - From Podcast 38 - Joel on Software はてなブックマークに追加 dann dann testing, good
Joel Spolsky blog
Is the Supremacy of Object-Oriented Programming Over?
I never expected to see this. When I started my career, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) was going mainstream. For many problems, it was and still is a natural way to modularize an application. It grew to (mostly) rule the world. Now it seems that the supremacy of objects may be coming to an end, of sorts.
talking about object oriented programming and functional programming...leads you to believe the best designs leverage both.
Hybrid languages = OOP FP. CouchDB Map-Reduce Concurrency
In the comments: "On the computer science front, pure OO, based on late-binding and message sends has always built on functional ideas and encourages a declarative programming style. Lisp and Smalltalk have much in common. The best way to look at it is that a function can be an object too. So I see no or very little conflict between OO and functional programming. The real issue is that pure OO has been viewed (rightly so) as a disruptive technology. The incumbent technology base, built on C and Unix have found ways to neutralise the potential disruptive effect and hold on to their market. As a consequence we have spent the last 20 years using curly bracket languages that are ‘OO’ in name only. [...] Pure OO is still in obscurity. Languages like Ruby and Python show what is possible with Pure OO ideas and late-binding, but they do not extend these ideas or take them even as far as Smalltalk did."
The fact is, for a lot of these applications, it’s just data. The ceremony of object wrappers doesn’t carry its weight. Just put the data in a hash map (or a list if you don’t need the bits “labeled”) and then process the collection with your iterate, map, and reduce functions. This may sound heretical, but how much Java code could you delete today if you replaced it with a stored procedure?
9 Magic Methods for PHP | Carsonified
construct, destruct, get, call, etc.
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Object-Oriented PHP for Beginners | Nettuts+