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How do you scale CSS for millions of visitors or thousands of pages? Nicole first presented Object Oriented CSS at Web Directions North in Denver. Since then, the response has been overwhelming. OOCSS allows you to write fast, maintainable, standards-based front end code. It adds much needed predictability to CSS so that even beginners can participate in writing beautiful websites.
Object Oriented CSS Framework
Object Oriented CSS Framework Two main principles Separate structure and skin Separate container and content
First Look: Object Oriented CSS
OOCSS isn’t really a framework … but a way of writing scalable, sane, maintainable CSS,” writes Sullivan. Sullivan uses and recommends a grid framework like Yahoo!’s YUI Grids, but you’re free to write your layout styles from scratch using OOCSS principles if that’s your thing. But OOCSS applies equally to the work you do after you have implemented your site’s layout, as you design the blocks and content that slot into your layout. Most web designers tend to write CSS code so that it requires as little extra markup (whether <div> or <span> tags or class attributes) as possible. Fundamentally, adopting OOCSS is making a mental shift towards easy maintenance and reuse of your styles, even if it means writing extra HTML markup.
In October, I’ll speak at Web Directions South 2009 in Sydney about CSS Frameworks. One of the main questions I will answer in my talk is whether or not you should use a CSS Framework in any given project. Since the alternative is writing your own CSS styles from scratch, I’m researching some of the latest thinking on hand-coded CSS.
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Sitepoint article on object oriented CSS.
Object Oriented CSS
Une idée quin'est peut être pas si bonne que ça, si on suit les commentaires. Mais comment cordonner les classes d'une css ?
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