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OnLive: The Future of Video Games

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OnLive: The Future of Video Games
New OnLive service could turn the video game world upside down » VentureBeat
Few startups have a chance to revolutionize an industry. But if entrepreneur Steve Perlman’s OnLive lives up to its goals, the company will disrupt the entire video game industry — to the delight of both game publishers and gamers.
A guy has developed a data compression technology and an accompanying online game service that allows game computation to be done in distant servers, rather than on game consoles or high-end computers.
OnLive kan de wereld van de game industrie op zijn kop zetten Motivatie: een toekomstbeeld van een journalist, altijd leuk om zo inspiratie te krijgen waar het allemaal heen zou kunnen gaan
“This is video gaming on demand, where we deliver the games as a service, not something on a disk or in hardware,” Perlman said. “Hardware is no longer the defining factor of the game experience.”
"Mike McGarvey, chief operating officer of OnLive, said the new technology 'breaks the console cycle where a gamer has to buy a new machine every few years.' If this happens, the obvious losers are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo." The death of platform-dependent games is, for my money, absolutely essential to their development as a viable cultural form.
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