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On August 12, 1982, I took a 10 x 7 1/8 inch National Blank Book Company composition book from the supply closet of my then employer, Vignelli Associates. From that moment, I have never been without one. I always have one at my desk. I take one with me to every meeting. I am now in the middle of Notebook #85. It's in front of me right now. Together, these well-worn books create a history of my working life that spans three decades.
Inspiration for keeping a notebook.
JournalEngraver, Personally Engraved Notebooks and Pens
Engraved moleskin notebooks
A site that lets you upload images to be laser engraved on journals.
Notebooks: Where to Go When Google Notebook Goes Down
Google's Notebook webapp was tightly integrated with other Google apps, had a killer Firefox extension, and was great at getting things done. "Was," though, because Google is ending support. Here's where heartsick users should turn.