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Jolicloud, the connected OS for netbooks. Coming to your netbook in 2009.
Jolicloud, the connected OS for netbooks. Coming to your netbook in 2009.
coming in 2009
jolicloud, coming in 2009
17 Noteworthy Alternatives To Google Notebook
Google’s decision to discontinue development of Google Notebook had some users petitioning to save it, while Evernote is offering Google Notebook imports.
note-taking web sites
2009-01-27 by Guamenyo. Says Google.Com removing support for its Notebook. Author gives kudos to "Evernote", plus reviews several other analogues.
Design Observer
On August 12, 1982, I took a 10 x 7 1/8 inch National Blank Book Company composition book from the supply closet of my then employer, Vignelli Associates. From that moment, I have never been without one. I always have one at my desk. I take one with me to every meeting. I am now in the middle of Notebook #85. It's in front of me right now. Together, these well-worn books create a history of my working life that spans three decades.
Inspiration for keeping a notebook.
Osiris Development - BatteryBar, the most accurate battery meter for Windows
* Statistical time prediction - BatteryBar monitors your battery and keeps a history of how long it takes for your battery to charge and discharges. That information is used to more accurately predict the life of your battery
Egy nagyon hasznos kis telepmérő laptopokhoz. Sokkal értelmesebb kijelzéssel, mint amit a Windows XP alapból nyújt.
BatteryBar is a simple, straight-forward, battery meter that monitors the status of your battery and displays your battery's status in the taskbar. BatteryBar constantly monitors the status of your battery as you use your laptop. As it monitors your battery, it keeps historical data on your battery and provide you with a very accurate estimate of how much time is remaining on your battery.
BatteryBar, the most accurate battery meter for Windows
JournalEngraver, Personally Engraved Notebooks and Pens
Engraved moleskin notebooks
A site that lets you upload images to be laser engraved on journals.
Prey: Y rastrea tu computador robado | bootlog
"Prey es una pequeña y muy, muy simple aplicación que recolecta un lote información de tu computador, y la envía a una casilla de correo que hayas definido previamente. La idea es que la instales en tu laptop para que cuando llegue el día — ojalá nunca — en que desaparezca el tarro, cuentes con más información para rastrearlo, ya sea usando el IP, el nombre de la red WiFi a la que esté conectado, o bien la foto del impostor."
Prey, un programa que te ayuda a rastrear un compu cuando te lo roban
Si me preguntan ahora, hubiera preferido que mi ex-ex-notebook muriera a causa de una gran, gran explosión. Mil veces éso a que desapareciera un dí…
10-Step Guide to Buying a Used Laptop That Works : Sustainablog
Buying second-hand products is always green, but it’s easy to be discouraged by the stories of broken laptops from eBay or Craigslist. To quell these fears, here is a 10-step checklist on how to find a used laptop that isn’t just a high-tech lemon.
3banana Online Notebook -- Take Notes, Sync, and Share on Android, iPhone, Online
Notetaking app for Web and phones.
Note syncing for Android. Like Android/Blackberry Simplenote.
The easiest way to take notes - online and on the go
Notebooks: Where to Go When Google Notebook Goes Down
Google's Notebook webapp was tightly integrated with other Google apps, had a killer Firefox extension, and was great at getting things done. "Was," though, because Google is ending support. Here's where heartsick users should turn.
Official Google Notebook Blog: Stopping development on Google Notebook
16 Oct 09. Vidya suggested using Google Notebook. But it has been stopped. However, they have suggested alternatives. Try to bring them into use.
Google Notebook
TweetNotebook - Prints amazing notebooks from your tweets.
was es nicht alles gibt :) RT @wpSEO Notizblock mit dezent platzierten Tweets. € 12
Make a notebook from your tweets!
WHY would you do this? Utter cross-media bonkersness.
So you can create your own TweetNotebook with 320 pages of your tweets – shen heng (shenheng)
10 Tips to Keep Your Notebook Safe when Traveling ~ Chris Pirillo
If you must bring a laptop ...
These days, we Geeks don’t travel anywhere without our laptops . It’s a given that we need to have them on us! How would we survive?! Thankfully, Seth sent in the following tips to help us keep them safe while we are on the road.
Wireframe Graph Paper Notepad | Konigi
Price: $7.50
Power Meter Plus « Endpoint
power meter laptop battery bar
* ly disappear/fade as the charge increases * The meter appears either on the bottom left or bottom right of the screen; it moves to the opposite corner if you move your mouse over it Screenshot Power Meter Plus Screenshot
5 Fantastic Notebooks and Sketchbooks for Designers | Design Shack
I've been a huge fan of Moleskins for quite some time now
This article will briefly examine 5 physical notebooks that are perfectly suited for a number of designer workflows.
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