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NIN|JA 2009

download NIN Janes Addiction
Featuring exclusive unreleased tracks from Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails & Street Sweeper.
The NIN/JA 2009 tour site is now live at and features a FREE download with exclusive, previously-unreleased music from Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, and Street Sweeper ... Für Fans sicher ein Genuss, mir gefällts jedenfalls.
Gmail: Tips
재미있는 블로그 구성요소 레벨제도
Gmail: Tips
Official Gmail Blog: So, you want to be a Gmail ninja?
Com essas dicas, você com certeza irá limpar sua caixa de entrada do Gmail muito mais rapidamente, estou aplicando e está dando muito certo!
Gmail ninja
I don't know, do I?
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Become a Gmail Master Redux - Gmail - Lifehacker
Google Wants You To Become A Gmail Ninja. Or Look Like A Huge Nerd Trying.
The google ninjas mentioned at ala2009
Gmail is far and away the best online email management system out there right now. But a lot of people still use it like a regular email service, never touching some of its power-features that can really help with email overload. So Google launched a new Tips area of the site today to serve as a reference point for how to become what it calls a “Gmail Ninja.
reading Google Wants You To Become A Gmail Ninja. Or Look Like A Huge Nerd Trying. [from]
Good article about the power of Google in research.
philosecurity » Blog Archive » Pirates and Ninjas: Emacs or Vi?
#12sine @the one who blogs: try M-x doctor when drunk. Hillarious, but like most drunken enternainments, not so great sober. Also try M-x yow when drunk or stoned (emulates Zippy the Pinhead). For realy weird entertainment: M-x psychoanalize-pinhead will turn the doctor loose on Zippy… Yes, this pirate spends a lot of tube time with emacs and a glass of scotch. Probably not stealthy, but much more fun!