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Inside peek: How The New York Times uses blogs | VentureBeat

At Google’s 10th anniversary of Blogger event on Tuesday, I was surprised how many of the blogging experts in the room were unaware of the broad and deep adoption of blogging tools at The New York Times, one of my several freelance employers. So with the help of the Times’ Technology section editor, Damon Darlin, I whipped up an insidery look at how the NYT uses WordPress to crank out hundreds of posts per day.
In many ways, the Times’ blogs are no different from anyone else’s. But there’s one organizational trick they employ very effectively: Division of Labor. Times bloggers don’t work on their own. They don’t handle every aspect of their blogs. Who does what is divided up to bring specific expertise to bear on different parts of each post. The result is I can crank out more posts, and those posts are better overall, than if we writers did everything ourselves. I know, not everyone wants to have other people involved in their blogging. But there’s a reason people work in teams.
NYTimes Appoints First Social Media Editor
The New York Times hires Jennifer Preston as its first social media editor.
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NY Times appoints 1ST Social Media Editor (YET NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT HER) VIA @jakrose [from]
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"Jennifer Preston has been appointed the first Social Media Editor of the New York Times. ... Little is known about Preston's personal use of social media, she's either using aliases or is remarkably quiet around the web, and details are still forthcoming about the new position she'll fill."