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Stiles for NetNewsWire, very beautyfull
If you’re in to this sort of thing: “Much attention has been paid to the design and typography of the styles to improve legibility and readability, and to enhance the overall reading experience.”
netnewswire rss styles layouts css von kai heuser heuserkampf Anatomy of a feature
Good description of thinking thru feature implementation. error handling, sync failures, user feedback, etc
Anatomy of a feature: Great step-by-step guide on how an idea gets turned into software. [from]
NetNewsWire's developer Brent Simmons describes all the UI decisions he had to go through before adding the Instapaper functionality to the feed reader's latest beta : "It’s not enough just to write the basic functionality and add a menu item that runs it. Even a feature as simple as this one requires some up-front thinking, some design."
A great post on just how much it really takes to "add this simple feature that does XXX" to software.