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Nokia N900
Please note - This article is nothing but our first impressions of the device and some musings about what's going to happen. The N900 itself has reached the stage when most of its elements are operable, so we decided we could publish this lowdown. 550! half it guys... or better quarter it.
I was ready to give up on Nokia (and their Symbian-based phones) and go for an Android phone next time.. but now I see that the HTC Hero won't have a keyboard, and now I get a look at this amazing Linux based Nokia, and well, maybe I might be able to salvage my relationship with Nokia after all.
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Linux-based operating system on the N900
Maemo is an advanced mobile platform designed with the internet at its core. Linux-based Maemo software takes us into a new era of mobile computing.
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@mr_trick: "Definitely curious about this Nokia Maemo: Good lookin' out @deanwhitbread !" (from
Experience the speed and raw power of the high-performance Nokia N900 mobile computer. Nothing else even comes close.
Linux-based operating system