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Multivariate testing, A/B split testing and landing page optimization software reviews | Which Multivariate?

Here's what to do: Discover how multivariate testing can increase your profits...then compare software tools using the comparison chart below. Be warned, though: this chart doesn't tell the whole story. Find out the reality of what the software is like, by reading the descriptions and user reviews of it. And, once you've used the software yourself, please come back to submit a review of it.
jamesyu's cohorts at master - GitHub
A simple javascript multivariate testing framework
Cohorts is a simple, purely javascript, multivariate testing framework. It allows you to easily run split tests for visitors on your site, showing them different designs, layouts, or whatever you want. Cohorts also allows you to track interesting events that occur for each of the cohorts. By default, it uses Google Analytics event tracking to store data, but you can customize it to use your own or another.