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jQuery UI Multiselect

jQuery UI Multiselect -
Another attempt of a sortable, searchable multiple select widget It depends on jQuery 1.3 and jQuery UI 1.7. The widget is styleable using Themeroller. It works in an unobtrusive fashion, by just turning html multiple select inputs into a sexier equivalent. There's no extra markup needed. For installation instructions please have a look at the corresponding blogpost Source code is available at Github In case you are looking for the original version, it has been moved here Bleeding Edge Demo is always available here (thanks to Github Pages)
Converts html multiple select inputs into slicker interfaces. It makes searching within the options possible which is very functional for large lists & selected items can be re-ordered by drag’n drops.
jQuery MultiSelect Plugin/Widget with ThemeRoller Support | Eric Hynds - Website Developer
crossSelect jQuery plugin demo
crossSelect jQuery plugin demo -
combo de multipla selecao