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Sqworl is this thing that you can use to turn a bunch of long dumb website links into one single smaller link with pretty web previews.
Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Multiple Inboxes
Funktion zu Googlemail...
25 Twitter Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts
It may seem like an impossible task to keep up with all the Twitter apps that have come to market as of late. Even though you have plenty of directories to help with the process, we noticed that it’s still difficult to ascertain which apps support multiple accounts...
How To Sync Your iPhone To Multiple Computers : iSmashPhone
A 10 step guide to syncing your iPhone to multiple iTunes libraries on multiple computers.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with Multiple Screens | Webdesigner Depot
Two characteristics that represent most web designers are a need for productivity and a love for technology. This desire for increased efficiency and
Why no examples of portrait-orientations? I’ve got one monitor for portrait work (Outlook, Word docs) and one for landscape work (design and prototyping apps) Soft: WinSplit Revolution
Voor- en nadelen van het gebruiken van een externe monitor aan de laptop. Aangezien ik via Unix/Linux reeds jaren vertrouwd ben met verschillende (virtuele) schermen is dit "gefundenes fressen"
Browsing Multi Display on deviantART
Multiple Backgrounds and CSS Gradients -
Multiple Backgrounds and CSS Gradients - -
Multiple Attachments with Validations In Rails with Paperclip - Cordinc Blog
crossSelect jQuery plugin demo
crossSelect jQuery plugin demo -
combo de multipla selecao
Multiple Backgrounds and Borders with CSS 2.1 – Nicolas Gallagher — Blog & Ephemera
Using CSS 2.1 pseudo-elements to provide up to 3 background canvases, 2 fixed-size presentational images, and multiple complex borders for a single HTML element. This method of progressive enhancement works for all browsers that support CSS 2.1 pseudo-elements and their positioning. No CSS3 support required.
fallback for multiple bg, border support. nice.
Modern Nerd
Steps to set up multiple "from:" addresses from a Gmail account through the iPhone/iPad Mail app.
Add multiple send from addresses w/out adding each one as a separate mail account. Just like web based gmail.
Solved: Gmail, iPad, iPhone, and multiple from addresses - Modern Nerd: Shared by bang1000 ale gmail nutz...
Quick Tip: Multiple Borders with Simple CSS | Nettuts+
Quick Tip: Multiple Borders with Simple CSS | Nettuts+
Quick Tip: Multiple Borders with Simple CSS | Nettuts+
Quick Tip: Multiple Borders with Simple CSS | Nettuts+