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Movable Type Developer's Toolbox | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine

By Steven Snell Because we have published several other comprehensive resources for developers of other content management systems (CMSs), we didn’t want to forget Movable Type. Like the other CMSs we have featured, Movable Type
固定リンクを変えずにスムーズにMovableTypeからWordPressに移行するまでの作業ログ | IDEA*IDEA
いつか WordPress に乗り換える時のために
movabletype -> wordpress移行
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cms based on mt
New fork of Movable Type, might be worth investigating. Haven't used MT in years.
「iPhoneテンプレートfor MT」を公開いたします。|iPhone|東京Webデザイナー日記リターンズ|crema design