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Video design and production
||Meet> Vilaz||
くりえいてぃぶっ!タッチスクリーン + processing。
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YouTube - History of the Internet
Finfin animasjon som viser Internett utviklinga frå 1957 til 2009. Forenkla sjølvsagt, men fin. Litt komplisert ordbruk innimellom, men det må ein vel rekne med.
Yawn! Cool animation though.
"History of the internet" is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet. The history is told using the PICOL icons on , which are available for download soon. On you can get news about this project.
filmpjes op internet
Animated reel.
Great motion graphics
20 Beautiful Video Motion Pieces | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
Top 28 Best Motion Graphics Blogs and Resources | GoMediaZine
We've scoured the net and tapped every resource we could to get you THE best list of mograph blogs and resources out there. Both novice and experienced mographers will get some insight here. We've also posted the twitter links of the brains behind some of these sites. So check it out!
Best Motion Graphics Blogs and Resources
Best Motion Graphics
Rafael Macho
Background color is nice.
subprime on Vimeo
"watch the american housing market spiral out of control."
watch the american housing market spiral out of control.
watch the american housing market spiral out of control. / /
Robert Kaniszewski showcase - New media designer based in Kielce/Poland
Flash, but good.
Portfolio show de bola
The Ultimate Motion Graphics Tutorials Round-Up | Tutorials | Smashing Magazine
Although static graphics is obviously much easier to scan and therefore can be easily perceived, motion graphics brings dynamics and life into otherwise static content.
Huge array of tutorials, most using AE, with a mix of native plugin use and stuff that requires other plugins.
Marco Brambilla: Civilization | Motionographer | Motion graphics, design, animation, filmmaking and visual effects
animacion en after o por lo menos eso creo
Artful statement about Civilization - Western Style
Installation Credits Title: Civilization (MEGAPLEX), 2008 By: Marco Brambilla Client: The Standard Hotel, New York Editor/Research Assistant:
The Ident Gallery
Nice Type on Vimeo
Kinetic Type Reference and Catalog
Sturdy typography, motion and kinetic type explorations, and other animated typographical niceness on Vimeo.
18 Creative Examples of Typography in Motion | Webdesigner Depot typography in motion
TYPE - EXAMPLES typography in motion
Creative Review - The best film titles ever made
Best Opening Credits, OBB, for research
In our August issue, Adam Lee Davies looks at the continuing rise of the film title sequence since its artistic resurgence in the 1990s. In his article, Better Than the Film?, he talks to many of the genre's leading practioners such as Kyle Cooper and Garson Yu. For CR Blog, Davies has selected 30 of the best title sequences ever made...
50 Stunning & Inspirational Stop Motion Videos | Spyre Studios
Sometimes we get wrapped up in our specific profession and lose the ability to find creative sparks in other areas of our lives. So, in the hunt for inspiration elsewhere than web design, I went searching on vimeo and found 50 awesome stop motion videos that are sure to give you creative energy. I mean, watch some of these below and tell me you’re not inspired! And when you’re done, let us know in the comments which ones you liked best (my personal favorite one is the break dancing one).
50 Videos de Stop Motion™ - Work of Rafael Morinaga, Brazilian Designer & Animator
fineza total - trampa na cubocc
Reel motion -™ - Work of Rafael Morinaga, Brazilian Designer & Animator
Portifa Motion
motion designer da cubocc
everything motion design in one place.
Paul Cayrol | Design & Direction
Paul Cayrol is a Freelance Designer & Director active in the fields of Film, Broadcast, Interactive and Print Design.
bom demais
Veer: Ideas: F is for Fail
i like it - F is for Fail, the design process alphabetised. (My favourite: D is for digression, doubt) [from]
Create human figures using type. Quite depressing!
collections of many cool animated clips
kısa film sitesi
50 Excellent Adobe After Effects Tutorials - Noupe
a ver si aprendes de una puta vez un poco de motion graphic!!!
The Third & The Seventh on Vimeo
A stunning HD quality video, full CG
Creative Review - MTV's brand new look
16 Killer Motion Graphics Demo Reels - Aetuts+
Reel Roulette
17 Amazing Inspirational Typography Videos - Aetuts+
One More Production
One More Production - Special Effect studio in Paris
Producers of Pixels (Patrick Jean)
Prologue: Iron Man 2 | Motionographer | Motion graphics, design, animation, filmmaking and visual effects
Article on iron man 2 motion graphics design.