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Charlie's Diary: LOGIN 2009 keynote: gaming in the world of 2030

Charlie Stross waxes on the future of gaming from the perspectives of technological progress, social change, and you. "I don't want to predict what we end up with in 2020 in terms of raw processing power; I'm chicken, and besides, I'm not a semiconductor designer. But while I'd be surprised if we didn't get an order of magnitude more performance out of our CPUs between now and then — maybe two — and an order of magnitude lower power consumption — I don't expect to see the performance improvements of the 1990s or early 2000s ever again. The steep part of the sigmoid growth curve is already behind us. Now that I've depressed you, let's look away from the hardware for a minute... Let's consider the consequences of ubiquitous terabit per second wireless data. The quiet game-changing process underneath the radar is going to be the collision between the development of new user interfaces and the build-out of wireless technologies."
Charles Stross predicts the future of technology and gaming