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PLOT: Table of Contents

“Programming Language for Old Timers (PLOT) is a new dialect of Lisp designed by Dave Moon in February 2006, and thoroughly revised and simplified November 2007 and March 2008. I have been developing PLOT as a hobby, with the idea of for once having a programming language which does everything the right way. You know it is right when both simplicity and power are maximized, while at the same time confusion and the need for kludges are minimized.”
A LISP-style programming language by David A. Moon.
Notable features: - structural macros
Heavy Boots
comment on the issue of fairness in teaching elementary physics
‘About 6-7 years ago, I was in a philosophy class at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (good science/engineering school) and the teaching assistant was explaining Descartes. He was trying to show how things don't always happen the way we think they will and explained that, while a pen always falls when you drop it on Earth, it would just float away if you let go of it on the Moon. My jaw dropped a little. I blurted "What?!" ’
We Choose the Moon: Pre-launch
This is the collest thing ever !!
Intereactive web site recreating the Apollo 11 mission.
Relive in real time
Remembering Apollo 11 - The Big Picture -
Remembering Apollo 11
Fotos impresionantes...
We Choose the Moon: Command Service Module Ignites
NASA - NASA High Definition Video: Partially Restored Apollo 11 Video
NASA High Definition Video: Partially Restored Apollo 11 Video
NASA - LRO Sees Apollo Landing Sites
Just in case you don't believe we went.
image apollo
First images from LRO of Apollo landing sites
Google Code Blog: Apollo 11 mission's 40th Anniversary: One large step for open source code...
kod źródłowy Apollo 11 :)
Some of the Apollo source code.
The longest solar eclipse of the century - The Big Picture -
William Safire's Finest Speech - William Safire - Gawker
Written for President Nixon, just in case the Apollo 11 astronauts were marooned on the Moon's surface
speech written for case that Aldrin and Armstrong were to stay stranded on the moon
"Columnist and presidential speechwriter Bill Safire was one of only three non-disloyal Jews President Nixon could name. Here is the speech he drafted for Nixon to read in case the Apollo 11 Astronauts became stranded on the moon!" -- It's Official: Water Found on the Moon
New observations from three different spacecraft return what has been called "unambiguous evidence" of water across the surface of the moon. via @Macht_Nichts on Twitter.