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Monk is a glue framework for web development in Ruby. It’s truly modular by relying on the best tool for each job. It’s also pretty fast thanks to Rack and Sinatra.
Sinatra is a tiny and flexible tool. It can be used to write super simple web applications like an API or a fully-fledged, highly interactive website. As you develop more applications using Sinatra, you will start to find some patterns: You apply a similar structure to all of your projects (where to put your routes, whether to use classic or modular style, etc.) You also find some other common bits you need to set up a logger, configure reloading on development mode, and more. You need to hook up your persistence layer of choice. Wiring in your desired testing suite. It’s easy to see how time-consuming this can be when you want to start a new project with the minimum amount of work. That’s why we wrote a tool that could enable us to get started on a new project in no time. The result is a command line tool that lets you create a new project out of an existing skeleton. The default skeleton we ship does all the work for you, and you can just dive into your code.
Glue for Rack + Sinatra
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