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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with Multiple Screens | Webdesigner Depot

Two characteristics that represent most web designers are a need for productivity and a love for technology. This desire for increased efficiency and
Why no examples of portrait-orientations? I’ve got one monitor for portrait work (Outlook, Word docs) and one for landscape work (design and prototyping apps) Soft: WinSplit Revolution
Voor- en nadelen van het gebruiken van een externe monitor aan de laptop. Aangezien ik via Unix/Linux reeds jaren vertrouwd ben met verschillende (virtuele) schermen is dit "gefundenes fressen"
Everything you ever wanted to know about LCD monitors | News | TechRadar UK
The title says it all - "Everything you ever wanted to know about LCD monitors". It would be handy to know which LCD's use which display technology, though I imagine that would be a massive list.