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Python Package Index : python-daemon 1.4.5

A library implementing PEP 3143 for creating well-behaved Unix daemon processes
This library implements the well-behaved daemon specification of PEP 3143, "Standard daemon process library". A well-behaved Unix daemon process is tricky to get right, but the required steps are much the same for every daemon program. A DaemonContext instance holds the behaviour and configured process environment for the program; use the instance as a context manager to enter a daemon state.
Nice framework for building daemons in python
Jeroen Keppens: Create a modular application with Zend Framework
Add libraries
Plumber Jack: Python Logging 101
Structure for ExpressionEngine
Structure is a new way to build ExpressionEngine sites. It forgoes the current template_group/template setup and creates “static” and “listing” pages that are all editable through a tree sitemap view. Now, traditional page style content and multiple entry pages can live within the same area. Your clients & authors will rejoice.
Statische Seiten verwalten und anlegen!
Creating Custom CCK Fields | Lullabot
nginx_http_push_module - Comet For The People
Comet For The People
django-solr-search - Google Code
"Django Solr search is a Django pluggable for rapidly integrating Solr search into a Django Application."
Django module for implementing Solr search
Django Solr search is a Django pluggable for rapidly integrating Solr search into a Django Application. It was originally written for The Washington Times. Readers where complaining that they were never able to find relevant content and they weren't given the tools to narrow down their search. With some of our past experiences with Solr it seemed like the obvious choice for this type of enterprise search concept.
Django module for integrating solr search.
Django pluggable for integrating Solr search. Updated to work with Django 1.0. Can even generate schema.xml files on the fly.
Adequately Good - JavaScript Module Pattern: In-Depth
かなり使えるPerl正規表現のまとめ - TokuLog 改めB日記
CPANモジュールをスクリプト一発で依存解決しつつrpm化する - とあるはてな社員の日記
PyFilesystem 0.3 released
Not sure this is worth another library
A Python module that provides a common interface to many kinds of filesystem.
Sweet, just what I needed: PyFilesystem 0.3 released -