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Graham Dumpleton: Load spikes and excessive memory usage in mod_python.

A common complaint about mod_python is that it uses too much memory and can cause huge spikes in processor load. Fact is that this isn't really caused by mod_python itself, but indirectly by virtue of how, or more so how not, Apache has been configured for the type of web application that is being run.
Some have realised that mod_wsgi daemon mode seems to offer a more predictable memory usage profile and performance curve and as a result fervently recommend it, but at the same time they still don't seem to understand what the problems with embedded mode, as outlined above actually were. So, hopefully the explanation above will help in clearing up why, not just in the case of mod_wsgi daemon mode vs mod_wsgi embedded mode, but also for the much maligned mod_python.
out of date, hence the mod_python, but the apache conf still applies