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STS-125 Shuttle Mission Imagery
Creating Your Vision, Mission, Strategy and Plan - ReadWriteStart

This was a hard chapter to write. It feels like a chapter that would work better in the final book. You have to have a mission and strategy and plan, right? So why does writing them feel like one of those make-work projects you have to do to keep investors happy? Come to think of it, you could outsource the production of your vision, mission, and strategy via Mechanical Turk?
The idea has to be one that just won't leave you alone. Such ideas often seem totally out of sync with current reality and are dismissed as crazy. That is because in the current environment they are crazy. The idea that everybody would own a PC was crazy in the 1970s, when Microsoft was starting out. People who are driven by these ideas very often feel doubt. On all sensible levels, the idea is crazy.
36 Hours in San Francisco’s Mission District -
NYTimes -- 36 Hours in San Francisco’s Mission District
a bright corner cafe run partly by Mission High School students that sells scrumptious treats in collaboration with Pie Ranch, a nonprofit farm where teenagers learn about sustainable agriculture