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The Economy According To Mint

Recession spending by sector (US)
The spending data is cool, but it's largely meaningless to use for any decision-making about the state of the economy.
" is in a unique position to answer this question – quantitatively. Since the crisis first hit in September, our user registration rate has more than quadrupled, giving us 900,000 sample points on the economy. That’s close to 1% of US households."
The average customer: "are spending $400 less each month than they were a year ago, have burned through half of their savings, and on average have taken on an additional $5k in debt."
Aaron Patzer
Ego — You're important.
"Your stats in a single glance. Ego gives you one central—and lovely—location to check web statistics that matter to you. can quickly view the number of visits to your website (including daily, hourly and monthly numbers), feed subscription totals and changes, and how many people are following you on Twitter." -- Numbers numb
The next generation bends over - (37signals)
Leaders retire with $, but then get bored, then have to do something else. Should have stuck with it
As a MINT user, the only real question I had was whether I trust my data in the hands of Intuit. I have decided to take that chance until I learn something differently.
"As more great new companies are absorbed into big old companies, a whole new generation of change is lost. They can issue press releases saying how excited they are to be able to bring their product to a whole new world of customers, and how their new suitor will bring enormous resources to bear, but we know that’s usually not really what happens. Development slows, products stall, the staff that built the great stuff leaves, and mediocrity creeps in. Not always, but usually."
Christine: What's the Secret Success of The Real Numbers Behind Aaron Patzer's Growth Strategy
How much money to raise and what to do with it: using mint as a case study
In order to get that seed round, you'll need to understand your competition, and come up with projections. Everyone knows this will change...but you need to show your thinking around it anyway. As an example, MINT originally projected $30/user/year for lead-gen and CPA. (Aaron noted that the company is pretty close to this today. But this is the exception rather than the rule.) Know how the business model works. People do X behavior and it turns into $Y income, add up those $Ys and it's a $Z business. If you can walk people through these assumptions convincingly, you'll get that seed round.
The straight shot: Why should you raise money, and how much? * Step 1: When you're ready with an Idea: Raise $100K from friends and family, and use it to build a prototype. * Step 2: Once the prototype is done: Raise < $1M in seed capital, and get into market with an alpha launch. * Step 3: After that initial launch has traction: Raise $5-10M, and use it to prove/scale the model.
Everything You Wanted To Know About Startup Building But Were Afraid To Ask
Startups 101: The Complete Mint Presentation
Last night I posted the video of Mint CEO Aaron Patzer’s 45 minute presentation on building startups from the ground up. If you are an aspiring startup entrepreneur, you’ll want to watch that more than a few times. The candid disclosures and advice he gives is rarely seen in Silicon Valley. Some readers requested to see the presentation deck as well, so here it is. Patzer shows how he raised and spent money, and generated revenue, throughout the lifecycle of Mint, from the very beginning to the $170 million acquisition. He also showed historical slides from early presentations to investors and compares those to the actual results.
Startups 101: The Complete Mint Presentation
Last night I posted the video of Mint CEO Aaron Patzer's 45 minute presentation on building startups from the ground up. If you ...
Mint CEO Aaron Patzer on Startups on Vimeo
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