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Ajaxian » Getting Semantic With Microformats Series by Emily Lewis

Introduction Part 1: rel Part 2: XFN Part 3: hCard Part 4: hCalendar Part 5: hAtom Part 6: hResume Part 7: Themes & Issues
Introduction Part 1: rel Part 2: XFN Part 3: hCard Part 4: hCalendar Part 5: hAtom Part 6: hResume Part 7: Themes & Issues
Getting Semantic With Microformats, Introduction ~ A Blog Not Limited
Beginning of a great series on basic microformats
Rails Forms microformat « Trek
Trek Rails Forms microformat This article has been updated to reflect the latest patterns in Rails 2.3 edge (based mostly on this commit) If you’ve been relying on Rails form helpers to generate forms, then you may have missed the interesting little microformat used to pass application data to and fro. In case you didn’t know, form data is passed as part of the request body as a set of key/values pairs in plain text (if you’re using get as a method for a form, it’s that url section like this: ?name=widget12&price=22). The name attribute of the form inputs are the keys (here name and price), and the value is whatever the user entered or selected (widget12 and 22). Most languages/frameworks for the web will reconstitute these pairs as objects accessible to the programmer. For example <input name='widget_name' /> is accessed with $_POST["widget_name"] in php, self.request.get("widget_name") on App Engine, and params[:widget_name] in Rails. This format can only pass a single value f
One of the most comprehensive articles on rails forms. Includes the newly added nested attributes stuff.
Identify - Firefox entension | Madgex Lab
Identify - Firefox entension | Madgex Lab -
dentify is a Firefox extension that combines identities across various social network/media sites and provides you with a profile about an individual. Simply navigate to the profile page or a blog of an individual you are interested in and on Windows press Alt i or on the Mac press Ctrl i.
Google Announces Support for Microformats and RDFa - O'Reilly Radar
Good news for microformats, support of google can make a large difference
Google Announces Support for Microformats and RDFa - O'Reilly Radar Google Announces Support for Microformats and RDFaby Timothy M. O'Brien| comments: 8On Tuesday, Google introduced a feature called Rich Snippets which provides users with a convenient summary of a ... はてなブックマーク - Google Announces Support for Microformats and RDFa - O'Reilly Radar はてなブックマークに追加 dann dann rdf
Breakdown on Google Microformats
An explanation of RDFa and the impending Google support for the markup.
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Introducing Rich Snippets
Now, time for some Q&A with the team: If I mark up my pages, does that guarantee I'll get Rich Snippets? No. We will be rolling this out gradually, and as always we will use our own algorithms and policies to determine relevant snippets for users' queries. We will use structured data when we are able to determine that it helps users find answers sooner. And because you're providing the data on your pages, you should anticipate that other websites and other tools (browsers, phones) might use this data as well. You can let us know that you're interested in participating by filling out this form. What about other existing microformats? Will you support other types of information besides reviews and people? Not every microformat corresponds to data that's useful to show in a search result, but we do plan to support more of the existing microformats and define RDFa equivalents. What's next?
Yahoo! Placemaker™ Beta - YDN
Placemaker is a webservice that takes in text and returns the locations found within via either XML or enhanced GeoRSS
"Yahoo! Placemaker is a freely available geoparsing Web service. It helps developers make their applications location-aware by identifying places in unstructured and atomic content – feeds, web pages, news, status updates – and returning geographic metadata for geographic indexing and markup."
The Web of Data: Creating Machine-Accessible Information - ReadWriteWeb
The Web of Data: Creating Machine-Accessible Information In the coming years, we will see a revolution in the ability of machines to access, process, and apply information. This revolution will emerge from three distinct areas of activity connected to the Semantic Web: the Web of Data, the Web of Services, and the Web of Identity providers. These webs aim to make semantic knowledge of data accessible, semantic services available and connectable, and semantic knowledge of individuals processable, respectively. In this post, we will look at the first of these Webs (of Data) and see how making information accessible to machines will transform how we find information. The amount of information and services available is growing exponentially. Every day, it is getting harder to find the information we are actually looking for. Still, we have to learn how to tell machines what we want. Why can't a machine understand which website, recent tweet, Flickr photo, Facebook message, or restaurant
Marking up structured data - Webmasters/Site owners Help
A List Apart: Articles: Introduction to RDFa
GeoMaker - Convert web sites and texts into Maps and Geo Microformats
GeoMaker creates microformats and maps from geographical information embedded in texts. You can either provide a URL to load and hit the "load content" button or start typing your own text and hit the "get locations" button to continue.
Online utility to convert web sites and texts into Maps and Geo Microformats.
GeoMaker creates microformats and maps from geographical information embedded in texts.
Extracts place names from web page text.
A List Apart: Articles: Introduction to RDFa II
Microformats: What, Why, and How - Nettuts+
Marshall Kirkpatrick’s Site About How to Use the New Internet » Add One Line To Your Blog or Twitter Could Become Your Primary Identity
So the long and short of this story is that if you want to make sure that Google understands your blog to be your primary beacon on the web, then you should add the words rel=”me” to a relevant link on your blog. I’ve added that tag to the link on my sidebar that goes to my feedback page, because that’s a good page for me. It’s as simple as making the link text read a href=”” rel=”me”.
SitePoint » 4 Easy-to-Use Microformat Tools to Beef Up Your Site
SitePoint Blogs: News, opinion, and fresh thinking for web developers and designers - » 4 Easy-to-Use Microformat Tools to Beef Up Your Site
Microformats for business owners | Clagnut § Web standards · New media industry
Article explains the usefulness of microformats.
BBC NEWS | Technology | Google unveils 'smarter search'
Google unveils new search tools [from]
Google unveils 'smarter search'
BBC News, (13 May 2009)
The Open Graph Protocol
The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to enable any web page to have the same functionality as a Facebook Page. While many different technologies and schemas exist and could be combined together, there isn't a single technology which provides enough information to richly represent any web page within the social graph. The Open Graph protocol builds on these existing technologies and gives developers one thing to implement. Developer simplicity is a key goal of the Open Graph protocol which has informed many of the technical design decisions.
Getting Semantic With Microformats, Part 1: rel ~ A Blog Not Limited
This first installment of the series focuses on microformats for link-based relationships using the rel attribute. Let's get started, shall we?
HTML5 Microdata: Welcome to the Machine | Nettuts+
I don’t think it is hyperbole to say that HTML5 will change the way that you think about web development. I welcome many of the changes as they make development easier, and the user experience richer. With any change, though, there is certain to be a bit of trepidation and controversy. One addition that certainly is not without its controversy is the Microdata specification, but I believe the benefits of this very simple specification are going to change how you look at your mark-up in the very near future.
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