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How to Create an RSS-Enabled, Micro-Blog with Twitter | Think Vitamin

Have you ever wanted to create a simple multi-person blog, but didn’t want to bother setting up an entire WordPress installation? If so then we’ve got just the answer. By combining Twitter Search, Atom feeds, hash-tags and PHP, you can create an RSS-enabled, micro-blog using Twitter and be up and running in less than 10 minutes.
HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags
'This short guide details how to identify, track, use, and organize hashtags in an efficient and useful way. Just be sure not to flaunt your new hashtag wisdom.'
How Many People Actually Use Twitter?
As you no doubt have heard, Twitter’s traffic is growing at an incredible rate – the most recent numbers we’ve seen show that the microblogging service
Tout savoir sur Twitter et le Microblogging |
All about Twitter
Article riche sur le microblogging
Usages, services, applications... Une revue complété du phénomène de microblogging et de son outil phare Twitter
Tout savoir sur Twitter et le Microblogging
Tout savoir sur twitter [WRITTEN IN FRENCH]