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Analysis is that oft-glossed over, but extremely important step in the research process that sits between observation (data gathering) and our design insights or recommendations. In many respects, analysis is crucial to realizing the value of our research since good analysis can salvage something from bad research, but the converse is not so true. This is where the literature tends to fall a little silent, jumping over the analysis techniques straight to a discussion of how best to document and communicate the findings from analysis. This article seeks to begin to redress that imbalance by breaking down the analysis black box into its major sub-techniques.
Great overview of analysis techniques for any type of data
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The Life Cycle of a Wireframe | Blog | Nick Finck | UX/IA Pro, Speaker, and Community Cultivator.
For those who are looking for my slides from the Puget Sound SIGCHI lecture and for those who missed it but are curious, here is my presentation. It focuses specifically on my personal process for creating wireframes. There are 4 parts to my process, each has a series of deliverables that feed into it and principals I try to keep in mind, the outcome is either a single or a series of IA deliverables. My overall strategy for IA is 3 step process; understanding the problem (note: not merely identifying the problem but really understanding it), find a solution (there may be more than one solution, but there is often only one right solution), and present the solution (a large part of your job as a IA is presenting your work so the client can understand the results).
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Do’s and Don’ts of Usability Testing :: UXmatters
Ce qu'il faut faire et ne pas faire dans un test d'ergonomie - UXmatters #ergonomie
Do’s and Don’ts of Usability Testing
Testing with 10 to 12 participants tends to provide very little additional value over testing with 6 to 8 participants, despite the significantly increased cost of testing with more participants. Iterative usability testing also has the advantage of more easily fitting into agile development cycles.
9 Magic Methods for PHP | Carsonified
construct, destruct, get, call, etc.
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