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Send Email Message

send email anonymously. or send an email from anywhere privacy is a concern and you can't login to your own account. cool idea.
# Anonymous email sender. # Send as many emails as you like. # Free, no registration needed. # Similar websites: DeadFake.
Send Anonymous Email
6 jQuery growl-like notification systems | » jQuery plugin: Message
This plugin allows you to easily display feedback messages as an unobstrusive overlay. The message fades away automatically after some time, avoiding the need to click an “ok” button or something similar. The user can speed up hiding of the message by moving the mouse or clicking anywhere.
jQuery plugin: Message
Big-Ass Message | by Bjernie's Fast Food [HOW USEFUL]
RT @wwwhatsnew: - Envía mensajes por internet con formato de hace 15 años
Not sure what you'll use it for, but fun all the same :
Error Messages Design Showcase | Elements of Design
Error Messages Design Showcase
A showcase of the best designed Error Messages from around the web.