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11 Tiny and Useful Free Menubar Applications for Mac |

11 โปรแกรมฟรีมินิๆ แปะบนเมนูบาร์ของแมค
30+ Free Menubar Applications for Mac
Menubar applications are sometimes more favorable than normal applications because not only these menubar applications can run seamlessly on background but also they can save most of our valuable dock space.
What is Secondbar? » SecondBar & BetterTouchTool Blog
SecondBar is a Tool which allows you to have more than one menubar in Mac OS X.
Utilidad para ver la barra del Finder en un segundo monitor.
adds menu bar on second monitor - very cool
Lifehacker - Hide Your Mac Menu Bar and Dock for a Cleaner Desktop - How To
Application UI Presentation Mode
A very useful hint if you want to run a graphics application "in a window" instead of fullscreen, but at the full size of the desktop.
Unlike the Windows system tray, the Mac menu bar provides few options for customizing it to your liking. Here's how to hide your menu bar to free up an extra 20 pixels of precious space and create a cleaner desktop.
Application UI Presentation Mode desktop hak
How to hide the menu bar and Dock