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The Tippopotamus: MediaMonkey scripts to make your mp3 tags consistent

I hate it when tags don't match up. For example, depending on where your tag data has come from you could end up with a host of different artist names: * Guns and Roses * Guns n Roses * Guns N Roses * Guns 'n' Roses * Guns 'n Roses * gunsnroses * GnR * GnFR There are a plethora of different things that can be wrong with tags - missing track numbers, no album art, volumes and disc numbers - the list goes on. These bother me, but may not irk you. If you are like me, correcting this sort of mess is something that would require a lot of manual tagging work, since finding the files is difficult and correcting them is a labourious process. Or so I thought. MediaMonkey comes with a few built-in functions and scripts that can help you to tame your mp3 collection. However, the real power comes in the scripts nice people have written to solve tagging problems. Here follows a synopsis of what I have found useful… 1. Built-in MediaMonkey Features Firstly, you
Lifehacker - Beat Your MP3 Tags Into Shape with These MediaMonkey Scripts - ID3
Scripts for repairing mp3 tags
עוד דרך לארגן ספריות מוזיקה באמצעות מדיהמאנקי
Inconsistently tagged MP3s can be a real pain. Avoid hours spent digging through your music aligning bands and album tags with these hard-working MediaMonkey scripts.