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3 Great Marketing Strategies for Bloggers With Limited Time : Performancing

COPY-WRITING: They average about 1200 words per post and they routinely go over the 1600 word mark. Each post has relevant pictures and they use formatting wisely with headings and paragraphs so the posts look organized and are attractive to the eye. Their posts are so meaty that they only show 2 posts on their front page.
Small Businesses Should Make Better Use of Social Media
STATS: Social Media Resistance Is Fading Fast
Recently, Mashable highlighted a study that showed two-thirds of marketers now use social media in some capacity. Today, more data confirming this trend, but also pointing to what looks poised to be nearly total saturation within a year. According to a report published today by eMarketer, 59% of brand marketers currently use social media. But within 12 months, that number will swell to 82%. And in the long-run, only 13% indicate having no plans to enter the medium.
Cut This Story! - The Atlantic (January/February 2010)
One reason seekers of news are abandoning print newspapers for the Internet has nothing directly to do with technology. It’s that newspaper articles are too long. On the Internet, news articles get to the point. Newspaper writing, by contrast, is encrusted with conventions that don’t add to your understanding of the news. Newspaper writers are not to blame. These conventions are traditional, even mandatory. Take, for example, the lead story in The New York Times on Sunday, November 8, 2009, headlined “Sweeping Health Care Plan Passes House.” There is nothing special about this article. November 8 is just the day I happened to need an example for this column. And there it was. The 1,456-word report begins: Handing President Obama a hard-fought victory, the House narrowly approved a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s health care system on Saturday night, advancing legislation that Democrats said could stand as their defining social policy achievement. Fewer than half the words in
Michael Kinsley
A proposition that perhaps the length of newspaper articles is what's driving readers to the Internet.
Intros story length
There’s an old joke about the provincial newspaper that reports a nuclear attack on the nation’s largest city under the headline “Local Man Dies in NY Nuclear Holocaust.” Something similar happens at the national level, where everything is filtered through politics. (“In what was widely seen as a setback for Democrats just a year before the midterm elections, nuclear bombs yesterday obliterated seven states, five of which voted for President Obama in the last election …”)
Newspaper articles are too long January 2010