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MF Bliki: FlaccidScrum

What's happened is that they haven't paid enough attention to the internal quality of their software. If you make that mistake you'll soon find your productivity dragged down because it's much harder to add new features than you'd like. You've taken on a crippling TechnicalDebt and your scrum has gone weak at the knees. (And if you've been in a real scrum, you'll know that's a Bad Thing.)
"XPers often joke, with some justification, that Scrum is just XP without the technical practices that make it work."
Individuals and Interactions are more valuable than Processes and Tools
Ruby at ThoughtWorks
In a word "yes". Search around for benchmarks on the net and you'll find numerous surveys that show that, even by the standards of scripting languages, Ruby is a tortoise.
Martin Fowler - detailed, but not too long, well presented pros and cons on ruby
MF Bliki: TechnicalDebtQuadrant
technical debt
Analysis of when and why having bad / no tech design does / doesn't pay. Basically it's a metaphor for thinking about how and why we make tech design decisions.
Richardson Maturity Model
Richardson Maturity Model : A staged approach towards RESTfulness by @martinfowler
/via Leonard Richardson
A model (developed by Leonard Richardson) that breaks down the principal elements of a REST approach into three steps. These introduce resources, http verbs, and hypermedia controls.
MF Bliki: TeamRoom
Agilists favor a open team room as it promotes lots of informal and deep communication between people on the team.
Team room is great but open space isn't, and you readit carefully you'll find the reason in the text: "(..) It isn't comparable to an open-plan office where everyone is doing something different".
Thoughts about how to create and organize a team room
common thing you find in agile projects is that the development team sits in a single open team room