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Martian landscapes - The Big Picture -

wow, one of the best ever sets
Vybrané detaily struktur povrchu - zdroj NASA. Via V. Vančura(twitter)
The Big Picture - News Stories in Photographs from the Boston Globe
Collected here is a group of images from HiRISE over the past few years, in either false color or grayscale, showing intricate details of landscapes both familiar and alien, from the surface of our neighboring planet, Mars. I invite you to take your time looking through these, imagining the settings - very cold, dry and distant, yet real
"PASADENA, California -- NASA and Microsoft Corp. of Redmond, Wash., have collaborated to create a Web site where Internet users can have fun while advancing their knowledge of Mars. Drawing on observations from NASA's Mars missions, the "Be a Martian" Web site will enable the public to participate as citizen scientists to improve Martian maps, take part in research tasks, and assist Mars science teams studying data about the Red Planet...." ☺☼☺ (
Welcome to the Be A Martian! website. If you use an assistive technology, we care about your experience on this site. If you have improvements to suggest, email
Age of virtual exploration and the human-robotic partnership
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe
wow, i had really strong feelings for this one
If the Mars Spirit Rover could talk...
Aw, man.